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The lawsuit "Mostostroy-12" to "Uralstroitekhnologii" postponed to February

The lawsuit The Moscow arbitration court continued the hearing on the suit of the former contractor for the construction of a bridge across the river Nadym (YNAO) "Mostostroy-12" to the customer - "Uralstroitekhnologii" subsidiary "Corporation of development").The trial was terminated because of "Uralstroitekhnologii" filed a counterclaim to the "Mostostroy-12" 2.4 billion rubles, the claim of builders of 1.8 billion rubles Applications will be considered within the same case as the requirements of the Respondent is directed to offset the initial requirements stated in the court's determination.After the break parties supported their claims."The purpose of the study the total volume represented by the sides of the evidence, given the acceptance by the court of counter-claims, and there is a dispute on the issues that need to be put to the experts, the court defers judicial hearing to determine the list based on the presented evidence, issues requiring special knowledge, which cannot be resolved by the court without assessment of experts," said the judge.The meeting will continue on February 18.Recall, on January 16, "Uralstroitekhnologii" re-posted on the official website of the public procurement corrected in accordance with the order of FAS, purchasing documentation on the right to sign a General contract for execution of works on completion of construction of the bridge across the river Nadym. . . . . . Read more -->

Sleight of hand. In Tavda the convict tried to carry "zone" money, put them in a safety razor

Sleight of hand. In Tavda the convict tried to carry In Tavda the convict tried to smuggle in a correctional colony of money hidden in a shaving machine.As reported in the press service of the administration of, the convicted person has soldered in razor RUB 1 the Incident occurred in the IR-26 (the village of Bely Yar, Tavda urban district. In 11.10 during inspection personal items arrived by stage from another institution, convicted in Art. 105 h 1 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation to 16 years of imprisonment, was discovered and seized monetary banknote one thousand rubles. Money man hid a clever way in the case of shaving machine. The very bill was armored in polyethylene.As explained in the office, for the detection of prohibited items in the units of the prison service is used by measuring the spectrum of the secondary fields (detector nonlinear transitions). Read more -->

Hungary prepared Maidan for closer relations with Russia?

Hungary prepared Maidan for closer relations with Russia?In protest against the policy of rapprochement with Russia, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban in Budapest was attended by more than 5 thousand people."It is alarming to see how Hungary put in dependence on Russia," said one of the "fighters for democracy", referring to the Russian loan of 10 billion euros to complete construction of the Hungarian NPP Paks, Deutsche Welle reports.Many "peaceful demonstrators" are afraid of strengthening the so-called "authoritarianism"."In all aspects of our lives we fear a return to centralization, such as the one that was under the Communist regime," said another demonstrate.Regular protests in Budapest go for the last two months. The event was organized by representatives of the new civil initiatives "Teperi!" (MostMi!) - promise to repeat the demonstration on 1 February, the day before his visit to Hungary by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.At the end of last year, Orban said that a new era had begun, when the United States began not only to intervene, but to take an active part in the internal politics of the countries of Central Europe. And in November the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban complained of strong pressure from the United States from Russia.In addition, in December the Hungarian government caused the charge d'affaires of the U.S. Andre Goodfriend for explanations in connection with the remarks of U.S. Senator John McCain that "Hungary lies in bed to Vladimir Putin," writes "the Look". . Read more -->

Ferry traffic on the Kerch ferry may be suspended due to wind

Ferry traffic on the Kerch ferry may be suspended due to windThe queue on the Kerch ferry Sunday morning no, but by the evening ferry movement may be suspended due to wind. This was reported by a single transport Directorate."Trench crossing is expected to deteriorating weather conditions. Currently, the wind South - 14 m/s, with gusts up to 18 m/s," - said in a statement on Sunday, the organization.According to operative data, in the ports of the Crimea and the Caucasus" there are no lines. The freight line at the port of Novorossiysk" loading the ferry expect 38 trucks, on cumulative grounds city in Slavyansk-on-Kuban - 48 trucks, in Kerch - 130.As recalled by Interfax on Saturday the crossing was shut because of the wind. . . Read more -->

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