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Three people were injured in a head-on collision of two cars near Yekaterinburg

Three people were injured in a head-on collision of two cars near YekaterinburgTwo cars collided on 9 highway km Koltsovo - Aramil, injuring three people. The accident occurred today at 7.30."33-year-old female driver of the Ford Focus, moving on the highway Koltsovo-Aramil on the part of the village Koltsovo towards Aramil, lost control, drove into the oncoming traffic and made a collision with oncoming vehicle Renault Logan", - have informed in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Yekaterinburg.In an accident the drivers of both cars, and Renault passenger was hospitalized with multiple fractures and other injuries. The driving experience of the driver of the car Ford is eight years. . . . Read more -->

Igor Strelkov: I don't believe in third Maidan

Igor Strelkov: I don't believe in third MaidanThe leader of the movement "new Russia" Igor Strelkov, answering a question at a press conference in Novosibirsk, said he did not believe in the possibility of the third Maidan in Kyiv.Igor Strelkov reminded that their eyes saw, as he passed the second, last year, the Maidan. At this time, according to him, he as a security officer of the founder of the investment Fund Marshall Capital Konstantin Malofeyev protect pilgrimage to Kiev. After the coup d'etat that occurred in Ukraine, who came to power by the junta, according to Strelkova, received only one function - the policies of the USA and all its leaders, including President Poroshenko, are "on the hook" from Washington."If Poroshenko itself will not fall off the hook, it will not be removed, and the junta will continue the war," says Shooters."Many of us believe Poroshenko partner. For example, his business partner Zurabov or marmots. But Poroshenko not a partner. He will obediently carry out its functions, as they will determine in Washington, but if he suddenly detaches itself, then it will certainly replace. Read more -->

At the Russian-Armenian relations PE in Gyumri will have no effect, - the expert

At the Russian-Armenian relations PE in Gyumri will have no effect, - the expertResidents of Armenia went to mass protests. The reason was the requirement to issue the local authorities of the Russian soldier. Valery Permyakov, who deserted from the military base, is accused of killing family in Gyumri. The expert believes that the incident will not affect Russian-Armenian relations."For the Russian-Armenian relations without any impact, because it is a special case, when the offender has committed a crime," said Director of the Center for analysis of world arms trade, chief editor of "national defense" Igor Korotchenko. The offender will be punished by the court, having regard to the circumstances of the crime, according to the expert, will be the most severe sentence, obviously, life imprisonment."With regard to the socio-political resonance, it exists, of course. Russian-Armenian relations is PE is absolutely not touch - they evolve as a strategic partnership," concluded Korotchenko.On Wednesday, the investigative Committee of Armenia presented Permyakova murder charges, but to judge it will be in Russia. Read more -->

State Duma Deputy Zhuravlev in Donetsk: Russia will not turn away from the Donbass

State Duma Deputy Zhuravlev in Donetsk: Russia will not turn away from the DonbassOn Thursday in Donetsk held a press conference of the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the party "Rodina" Alexei Zhuravlev, the press service of the government of DND.During the event, Alexey Zhuravlev condemned Ukraine's position in respect of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. However, he expressed confidence that the delivery of humanitarian supplies from the Russian Federation on the territory of Donbass will continue, despite sanctions from the European Union and the United States.Zhuravlev also criticized the desire of the Ukrainian authorities to recognize the Russian Federation belligerent in the conflict in the Donbass."In the West think that you can solve the problem by sanctions: it's absurd," said the Russian parliamentarian. They think that because of the entry of sanctions Russia will cease to maintain the Donbass, but we supported him and to sanctions, during, and after - will support". . . . Read more -->

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