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MP wants referendum in Moscow: it's time to evaluate reforms Sobyanin and restore the monument to Dzerzhinsky

MP wants referendum in Moscow: it's time to evaluate reforms Sobyanin and restore the monument to DzerzhinskyState Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin filed in Mooresboro package of documents for the referendum in Moscow. This was reported in the press service of the MP.On the referendum, he proposes to make the following questions.1. Do You support the "education Reform" organized by the Moscow city Government through the merger of institutions of secondary and preschool education of the city of Moscow in educational complexes?2. Do You support the "health care Reform" organized by the Moscow city Government through consolidation of medical institutions of Moscow, which led to the closure of 26 hospitals and the reduction of thousands of health workers?3. Do You feel the need to restore on Lubyanka square in Moscow, the monument to Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky?Valery Rashkin said in his speech to journalists that it is a shame for the Moscow authorities to deny citizens in the referendum of their city."The documents within 14 days will be considered by the Moscow city election Commission, hereinafter will be given to the Moscow city Council for a decision, then we will gather signatures and will be announced the date and month of the referendum. We want a referendum was held in Moscow! We want democracy in the form of direct expression through the ballot and referendum implemented!" - said the Deputy. Read more -->

Igor Strelkov: People must unite, but should not act against the legitimate government

Igor Strelkov: People must unite, but should not act against the legitimate governmentBefore the upcoming trials in Russia, people should forget about individualism and begin to unite, said the leader of the movement "new Russia", former Minister of defense of the Donetsk national Republic Igor Strelkov, who now came to Novosibirsk to open a branch of their social organization."If this Association should go to the grassroots level, not the top. If all the peoples of Russia will be able to deal with it, then we will get through this, I have no doubt. But most importantly, I would like to say, do not speak against the current legitimate government. It's all we've been through," said the Shooters, answering the question about what to do for ordinary people to survive in the new situation.Igor Strelkov noted that the country must rally around the incumbent leader."Because, I repeat, it is now clear that the new Russia will not give up," said former defense Minister DND.Thus, according to Strelkova, the problem of unification of Patriotic citizens is long overdue. In the zero years earlier Patriotic movement, according to the captain, was often used by the parties spoilers."The trouble is that a real Patriotic movement was for a long time driven. But now a time of peace is over. Read more -->

Khodorkovsky - Kadyrov: "I took note of the threat"

Khodorkovsky - Kadyrov: Former Yukos owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky said on the words of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, who yesterday announced a fugitive oligarch his personal enemy and the enemy of all Muslims. Khodorkovsky wrote that did not show disrespect to Muslims, but here are the steps Kadyrov compared with the terrorist attack in Paris correspondent ."I heard and took note of the threat from a dedicated supporter of Vladimir Putin. This threat by its orientation is no different from yesterday's terrorist attack in Paris: its purpose is to intimidate, to deny the vote to stop the word," Khodorkovsky wrote on its website.He expressed confidence that "good Muslims all over the world condole with the victims, and perceive his words as a call for support and solidarity, as a refusal to submit to. . . . Read more -->

Clashes in Armenian Gyumri continue. Already twelve victims

Clashes in Armenian Gyumri continue. Already twelve victimsIn the Armenian city of Gyumri, the second day of mass protests of citizens, reports the Russian spring.Already marked by clashes between police and protesters in connection with the murder of a family of six persons, allegedly committed servicemen service with the Russian military base.Murder is suspected Russian soldiers Valery Permyakov, who was arrested and has already made a confession. He had been charged with murder and desertion.The protest began outside the local Prosecutor's office immediately after the funeral. Then the protesters moved to the General Consulate of the Russian Federation. They require to pass Permyakova the Armenian side. The police from the crowd flying stones. Read more -->

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