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Rescuers check the condition of the air in Moscow

Rescuers check the condition of the air in MoscowIn Moscow MES beginning of the monitoring of air due to complaints of Muscovites in a strong chemical odor was reported in the press service of EMERCOM of Moscow.Information about the unpleasant smell began to come to the rescue on 1 February. Message confirmed and duty mobile laboratory.Operational group already took air samples in all districts of the capital. According to preliminary data, the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere does not exceed the maximum permissible concentration. . . . Read more -->

Putin approved: details of the anti-crisis plan of the government

Putin approved: details of the anti-crisis plan of the governmentPresident Vladimir Putin has approved the proposed government plan to support and develop the economy and ensure social stability. About this yesterday after a meeting with the President of the said Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov.The most expensive items on the agenda of 300 billion rubles NWF the Web including in order to sanitize the problem of strategic enterprises and 250 billion rubles for the recapitalization of banks (in the previous version - 150 bln VTB and 100 billion rubles by Gazprombank, the new concrete banks is not specified (see the material on page 7). The amount of new transfers to the regions was reduced from 250 billion to 160 billion rubles - instead, the Finance Ministry insisted that all initiatives of the Ministry of economy and other agencies, potentially reducing regional income (including transfer of introducing regional fees similar to the sales tax - 2017), the final version of the plan has not appeared.The banking part of the plan is also reduced. Part of the initiatives of the Ministry of industry and trade fell from the document due to the lack of income and the resistance of the Ministry of Finance. To discuss them explicitly will be back later: the plan until June 25, the approval of the sectoral programs of import substitution, and before March 25 - revision of the Federal target program "Development of the military-industrial complex". Most likely, the office of Denis Manturov asked to wait up to clarify the situation and determine the amount of real resources by the government the results of the reduction of the Ministry of Finance budget allocations for 2015, the Plan retains the points, in which the White house may amend the budget by changing the texts of government programs, according to "Kommersant".The waiver of excess pension indexation - major loss of social unit, the document also saved initiative possible "demonetization of benefits, the possibility of returning citizens who have chosen the monetization of benefits prior to October 1, 2014, to return to "natural" benefits. Read more -->

Lebedev goes after Gelman. Montenegro is at risk of falling victim to cultural attack scandalous "creatives"

Lebedev goes after Gelman. Montenegro is at risk of falling victim to cultural attack scandalous The author of questionable logos, however dubious ally of the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman, Artemy Lebedev goes to "civilize" Montenegro for his mentor, expelled from Perm gallery owner Marat Gelman. About this fashion designer wrote on her blog, correspondent .See also:-->The city of Ekaterinburg thanked Lebedev for the logo and refused to pay-->Expelled in disgrace from Perm Marat Gelman "attacked" their projects Montenegro"This is to inform all stakeholders about what the next six months I'll be in Montenegro. I accept active participation in the project of European art commune "Dukla" as an art Communards and team member Marat Gelman," wrote Lebedev in his LiveJournal.Recall, Artemy Lebedev Studio has become known thanks to the "masterpieces" of dubious value. Among the latest creations - the logo of the city of Yekaterinburg, which is a letter E with a flourish, the logo of the Moscow metro, not much different from the previous one, and "symbol" Perm - a big letter P from the logs. The last two were allocated to the project budget in the millions.Now Lebedev going to conquer Europe after his senior mentor Marat Gelman, gallery, expelled in disgrace from Perm for the show with elements of plagiarism on the scandalous festival "White nights"."With Marat I have been fruitfully cooperating and have been friends since 2000, he is one of five teachers in my life, although you may not realize. Read more -->

Putin made on ratification of the agreement with South Ossetia war pensions

Putin made on ratification of the agreement with South Ossetia war pensionsRussian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma ratification an agreement with South Ossetia on the order of a pension for military personnel and their families, reported the press service of the Kremlin.The document was signed in Moscow on 28 January 2014, he prepared to create a legal framework for cooperation between the Russian Federation and South Ossetia in the area of pensions of servicemen and members of their families when moving to a permanent residence in another state which is a party to the Agreement."In accordance with the agreement pension specified categories of persons will be carried out on the conditions, standards and in the manner established by the legislation of the state in whose territory they reside. . . . . . Read more -->

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