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Assistant Director of yutek-Nefteyugansk was killed in the same yard, where two years ago tried to kill another businessman

Assistant Director of yutek-Nefteyugansk was killed in the same yard, where two years ago tried to kill another businessmanIn Nefteyugansk this morning bid farewell to slain on the eve of the Deputy General Director of JSC yutek-Nefteyugansk" RДЃvis Malikov.As the correspondent , the farewell ceremony took place in the house where he lived Malikov with his family, and yesterday, January 28, was killed in one hit knife. To say goodbye to the man joined his relatives, friends, colleagues, and plainclothes agents. The latter, according to those present, tried secretly filmed all who came to say goodbye. Today, the body of the deceased will be sent home, in Tobolsk, where the funeral will be held.Yesterday, January 28, commenting in on local television broadcast "yuganskaya" murder of a businessman, head of the Nefteyugansk Interdistrict Department of the TFR Sergey Efanov said: such crimes for the city are rare. However, he failed to give a clear answer about the prospect of disclosure in the criminal case involving the murder of RДЃvis Malikova.Meanwhile, observers note that the murders of businessmen, as well as the attempt on their lives, in Nefteyugansk happen with alarming regularity. There are plenty of examples.So, in February 2013, unknown persons tried to kill businessman Alexander Vagina. Read more -->

Ex-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to return to the political scene

Ex-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to return to the political sceneFormer Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has launched its own website on the eve of parliamentary elections to be held next year. According to experts, this may indicate a political comeback Ahmadinejad, despite the recent corruption scandal around him erupted.The website ahmadinejad.ir was launched on Sunday. On the main page depicts the ex-President and the slogan: "We will soon come.". . . . Read more -->

"When madhouse run by crazies": America is ready to unleash a nuclear war against Russia

America has waged a real war against humanity. The authorities refer to such methods which dictators hesitate to seek. They use weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological and radiation. And are testing new weapons.Washington plans to increase the boundaries of the American Empire until, until you reach the absolute world domination. For this he is ready to go even in a nuclear war against Russia or Iran. This opinion was expressed by the author of Global Research.Barack Obama under the guise of fighting "Islamic state" is trying to get congressional approval for an unlimited war all over the world. Read more -->

"The children and grandchildren of the executioners would have to repent for the crimes of their ancestors children and grandchildren of the victims. This is the whole idea of de-Stalinization, all struggle with today's Russia"

To the people who went through hell many times, repented before Satan for what he has managed to survive and keep themselves, writes Olga Dukhanina."Hypothetical shouting, "Oh, if our army did not win, you could be, and was not alive" - those who today uses Auschwitz as a political bargaining coins, do not apply. Because they know, whose army was defeated. Personally threatening them passed. They have dozens of airbags.Similarly, we need to understand that because no Gulag no. No SMERSH, no NKVD. Do you think these people actually believe that Putin is Stalin-Lite? Leave, it is good for hamsters.They are fascists, but today this term needs to be clarified. Read more -->

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