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In Yekaterinburg the next "hot spot": defrauded real estate investors HBC "Nightingales" is ready to take to the streets

In Yekaterinburg the next In Yekaterinburg brewing the next "hot spot". This time on the streets ready to go defrauded shareholders HBC "Nightingales". According to the shareholders, they have already visited the rapids all authorities - police, Prosecutor's office, Ministry of construction, the Investigative Committee, the FSB, but the result is not brought. Desperate people ready to take to the streets, correspondent .As told by themselves deceived shareholders HBC "Nightingales" (residential complex on the street Republican, Uralmash), seven years ago they joined the cooperative in the hope of finding their own housing, in good faith has paid its cost, but in the end and live in rented apartments."Contracts in 2008 were concluded with the company "Domburi", but breaking all its obligations, three years ago this company resold the object to complete the construction of another organization, but the new developer is not turning at home, but only postpones the expected timing for a variety of reasons. As it turned out, already at the stage of its investigation, on the website "Domburi" were originally specified addresses, for which no one was there, and the founders of the construction was young people 25-28 years," noted the shareholders HBC "Nightingales".According to shareholders, the past four years of their lives turned into walking the chain of command in the hope to reach a solution to the problem, but everywhere desperate people only get replies. Thus, shareholders have contacted the police, the Prosecutor's office, Ministry of construction, the FSB, Russia's top Investigative Agency, the Government of the Russian Federation, to the Deputy Alexander Khinshtein, by the way, recently visited the capital of the Middle Urals, and other"We suggest that cooperative construction is not subject to the law on shared construction, and, therefore, to understand us with unscrupulous developers need. Read more -->

Haffner for the advice, "eat less" made party discipline, and Shepty gave the book "Words that changed the world"

Haffner for the advice, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, the head of the project "people's control" Ilya Haffner punished for his statement about "proper nutrition". Colleagues -"United Russia" announced his recovery during today's meeting of the Presidium of the political Council of the Sverdlovsk resetdelay "ER". Secretary of the Department Victor Septi, in turn, made Haffner gift - book "Words that changed the world", the correspondent ."Any political party is in the process of political struggle, even when there are no elections, and there will always be reasons to "inflate" the scandal and cause reputational damage to the organization. We cannot allow it, so most openly discuss these things, that there was even doubt that I had in mind. Today, I think the theme of this ambiguous statement is closed. We are now in a situation where people worry about issues related to food, and this is the most urgent need of the person. Read more -->

American media directly called the S&P decision "last blow to the Kremlin"

American media directly called the S&P decision The American media called the downgrade by Standard & Poor's rating of Russia to "junk" level "the last blow to the Kremlin, says RBC.The night before S&P downgraded Russia to speculative grade BB .Analyst at Standard Bank Tim ash said The Wall Street Journal, not surprised that the rating action by S&P and expects that it will be followed by Fitch and Moody's. The downgrade "reflects a combination of lower oil prices, sanctions and conflict in Ukraine with complex geopolitical struggle with the West, which shows no signs of abating," said ash. "These factors are expected to continue to exert pressure on the balance of Russia", - the expert believes."The prospects are very bleak economy [Russia] firmly on the path that leads to recession after a sharp fall in oil prices and a full-blown currency crisis, which began in December," said a currency strategist at Rabobank Peter Mathis. He believes that the decrease in Russia's rating below investment grade means that the Central Bank will have to support the ruble, keeping the interest rate at 17%, it is possible that the regulator would have to intervene directly in the foreign exchange market.The downgrade of Russia is the latest blow to the Kremlin," writes the Financial Times. The publication notes that the S&P decision emphasized the deterioration of the situation in the economy of the world's largest exporter of energy: the country has suffered from falling oil prices, a sharp reduction in the value of the ruble and Western sanctions, these factors in the complex was closed to Russian companies access to global capital markets. Last month, Moody's and Fitch lowered its ratings on Russia, but still keep them one step above "junk".Traders believe that since two of the three major credit rating agencies still rate the rating of Russia at the investment level, the S&P decision should not cause a wave auto sales. Read more -->

Ukrainian recruits for the money to become priests, not to serve

Ukrainian recruits for the money to become priests, not to serveUkrainian conscripts to Dodge the army, become priests - buy status of the Church, according to the Ukrainian edition of "News".According to officer Mat on work with the personnel Dmitry Ligowe, such a case was registered in Kyiv. Inductee bought a status of a priest in Slavic Vedic temple Heritage of their ancestors. This help Ukrainian bought for 3000 UAH. "I saw one case. Information conveyed from one of the district military registration and enlistment offices in city. There may be more," said Likovi.The Ministry of defence of Ukraine planned to mobilize the military service of more than 60 thousand people. Read more -->

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