Mariupol city Council no longer considers "aggressors" DND, LNR and Russia

Mariupol city Council no longer considers Mariupol city Council changed the document, according to which on Tuesday recognized Russia as an aggressor, "Ukrainskaya Pravda" writes.It is noted that the mayor of the city, together with the Secretary of the city Council were forced to make some manipulation".From the final document posted by the morning of 28 January on the website of the city Council, were removed words about Russia and marked "aggression from the East". . . . . . Read more -->

Merkel spoke by phone with Putin and Poroshenko

Merkel spoke by phone with Putin and PoroshenkoGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel held a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.The conversation took place amid rising tension in the Donetsk region. About the need to avoid a new escalation Merkel spoke with Vladimir Putin. She also returned to Moscow calling "persistently affect separatists".In conversation with Poroshenko Merkel has expressed condolences in connection with civilian casualties. She called the fire of Mariupol "a clear violation of the ceasefire, which cannot be justified.". . . Read more -->

The media found out the person abducted in Sudan officers of "UTair": one - Ugarchin, another St. Petersburg

The media found out the person abducted in Sudan officers of There are new details about the incident with the employees of "UTair".LifeNews has found out the identity of the Russians abducted in the village of Zalingei African Republic Sudan. The aircraft Sergey Cherepanov from the city birch Khanty-Mansiysk the Manager and translator Michael bitterly from St. Petersburg work in the airline "UTair". At the end of the 2014 men signed a three month contract with the UN mission and went on a mission in the Sudan.Until January 29, Cherepanov and bitterly regularly came in contact with relatives, but then disappeared. That day in aviators was a bad day and they went to the market for groceries. Men were alone, and driving their minivan driver of the local residents. Read more -->

Sands: Putin urged the parties to the conflict in Ukraine to cease fire

Sands: Putin urged the parties to the conflict in Ukraine to cease fireRussian President Vladimir Putin urged the sides of a military conflict in the Donbass cease fire, reported the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov."The President is very concerned with the situation in the Donbass amid ongoing fighting and called on all parties to the conflict to immediately cease hostilities and any violence" - quoted Peskov TASS.However, another representative of the presidential administration, who answered questions on the condition of anonymity, agreed with a very hard position, taken in Minsk, representatives of the militia, as well as with their current statements. . . . . . Read more -->

In Moscow Shchelkovo on the bus bomb not found

In Moscow Shchelkovo on the bus bomb not foundOn Shchelkovo the bus station of Moscow law enforcement officials explosive device not found.Previously from the bus station near the metro station "Shchelkovo" were evacuated 410 people. Daily ridership bus station averages about 20 thousand passengers, including from 3.5 thousand to 5 thousand on long-distance routes, reports RIA "Novosti". . . . . Read more -->

The state Duma approved amendments of the "one city-Manager" abolishing the election of mayors

The state Duma approved amendments of the The state Duma approved in the third reading the law authorizing the representative bodies to elect city managers from among its members or from among the candidates presented by the competition Commission.Amendments to the electoral law and the law on LSG able to elect city managers, members of local parliaments from among its members (in this case, the city Manager becomes full mayor and his Deputy may be removed from office), as well as to elect the head of the administration of the numbers selected by the tender Committee candidates for this position.The amendments give the regional legislators to choose two new models of the formation of the local authorities in addition to those that were anchored launched in may by the LSG reform. Recall that until the end of November, the regions had to choose one of three schemes: direct election of the mayor, the election of the mayor - President from among the deputies or by direct elections (the latter two options assume that the economy responds hired to contest the city Manager). After the reform, direct election of mayors were stored in 15 regional capitals. Says a source in the state Duma, in fact, two new models return LSG "to the Soviet system, when the Chairman of the Executive Committee were elected from among the deputies and was responsible for all".The mayor, elected from among the deputies will be more legitimate than the city Manager, with him and to ask more, considered in the state Duma.Note that amendments adopted last week in the second and third readings, has led to the fact that in some regions began behind-the-scenes discussion about the fact that regional authorities can initiate the resignation of the acting city Manager in order to initiate the appointment of regional officials to this post. . . Read more -->

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