Putin urged the governors to monitor food prices

Putin urged the governors to monitor food pricesPresident Vladimir Putin said at the seminar-meeting with the heads of regions and municipalities instructed the heads of the regions to monitor the situation with food prices."I beg you to constantly monitor the situation, to take timely measures," the President said."We know about the price increase, and not always refer to what is happening in the external environment and our economy, justify the growth we are seeing," said he."Here nobody can afford to speculate on some issues, and they are. But often the price increase and these problems are not comparable with each other," said Putin. . . . . Read more -->

Prosecutors TRANS checks trading network: five organizations have been prosecuted

Prosecutors TRANS checks trading network: five organizations have been prosecutedBy order of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Prosecutor's office of the Kurgan region holds in the large retail chains in the region checking pricing on food and agricultural products. In addition, the inspection activities covered by the suppliers and manufacturers that have significantly increased the selling price of the products sold.The tests also involved the staff of the CPS, Rosselkhoznadzor, FAS, Department of economic development, trade and labor and the Department of agriculture and processing industry of the Urals.As have informed in the press service of the regional Supervisory authority, in the course of investigation by prosecutors Barrow, Kotovskogo, Gorkoe areas were identified unjustified increase in prices of baby food. Officials of five trading organizations that have established an inflated retail price, brought to administrative responsibility. . . . Read more -->

TRANS-Ural students will dress in dark blue and grey form

TRANS-Ural students will dress in dark blue and grey formIn the Kurgan region approved two colors of uniforms: dark blue and grey. They were selected by a vote among parents. Approval of flowers was held at the regional meeting of the parent Council. It was also determined the model standards of school uniform.As told in the Main Department of education in the region, first to the introduction of school uniforms in the Urals will start elementary school. Soon will be prepared guidance letter to the municipal education authorities staged introduction of forms in the schools of the Kurgan region.The Ministry said that the Association of light industry of the region has developed a mechanism of interaction between enterprises and educational institutions. In the near future, manufacturers will conduct a series of visits to the districts to inform the public about their products, demonstration models, and also with a view to concluding agreements on cooperation between enterprises and schools. Read more -->

The American military has called for the resumption of military ties with Russia

The American military has called for the resumption of military ties with RussiaFor the restoration of bilateral cooperation between the U.S. and Russia in the military sphere, said today the head of global strike Command U.S. air force Lieutenant General Steven Wilson, reports TASS. In his opinion, the U.S. "it is important to maintain relationships in the format war with the military (and other) countries, specifically Russia and China". It is important that such relationships was shared dialogue, mutual understanding, exchange of experience," said the American captain. Read more -->

Former Czech President Klaus: the Crimea was never part of Ukraine

Former Czech President Klaus: the Crimea was never part of UkraineThe former Czech President Vaclav Klaus in an interview with the Austrian edition stated that the annexation of Crimea to Russia did not contribute, as is commonly believed in the West, the conflict in Ukraine, but it was only a reaction to a change of government, the events on Maidan and attacks on the Russians."It is clear that the Crimea was never part of Ukraine. He always belonged to Russia. And I don't see any tragedy. The main cause of the incident, according to my point of view, was a domestic crisis in Ukraine. Without Maidan there would be the annexation of the Crimea", - quotes the words of Klaus "Inopressa", writes Russian.rt. . Read more -->

A just Russia: Crisis plan similar to the "work caftan"

A just Russia: Crisis plan similar to the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Nikolai Levichev considers anti-crisis plan of the RF Government "work caftan" without a strategic vision of economic diversification and project economic growth, reported the press service of the Deputy.Commenting on the speech of the first Deputy Chairman of the RF Government Igor Shuvalov in the lower house of Parliament, the MP noted that the document that looks like a "disparate momentary initiative"."Igor Shuvalov in the state Duma convinced that the Government in crisis are able to survive. But that can survive the country's population, crisis management plan, proposed by the Government, was not convinced. Everything seems to be smooth, sounds great - but it's only good intentions and it is not the proposals that I wanted to hear", he stressed.According to him, "soon the sun will go down in the East, than the Government will change the economic course". . . . Read more -->

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