The monitoring Committee of the PACE supported the deprivation of Russia's voting rights in the Assembly

The monitoring Committee of the PACE supported the deprivation of Russia's voting rights in the AssemblyThe monitoring Committee of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) supported the amendment, depriving the Russian Federation the right to vote and the right to be represented in the governing bodies of the Assembly, said the member of the monitoring Committee, the Deputy head of the delegation of Russia Leonid Slutsky."The amendment that the Russian delegation again deprived of the right to vote and be represented in the governing bodies, was with one voice: 35 vs. 34," said Slutsky reporters after a meeting of the monitoring Committee, according to RIA Novosti.Earlier on Wednesday, the head of the Russian delegation in the Assembly Alexei Pushkov said that if the Russian delegation will be deprived of the right to vote in PACE, it will leave Strasbourg.Before Pushkov said that the Commission of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) monitoring supported the return of the voting rights of the Russian delegation to the Assembly.Despite the attempts of a group of delegates led by Britain to limit Russia's rights, Rapporteur on the authority of Russia in PACE, the head of the Commission on monitoring Stefan Shan, the MP from Austria, called for the return of the Russian delegation's voting rights, but with some limitations.On Monday, representatives of Russia prevented the meeting of the authorized body of the PACE Bureau. . . . . Read more -->

Bastrykin: Public trial Permyakova will be held in Armenia

Bastrykin: Public trial Permyakova will be held in ArmeniaPublic trial on the case of murder will be held in Gyumri in Armenia, said in Yerevan Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin at the meeting with his counterpart Aghvan Hovsepian."The Chairman of the RF IC during a working visit to the Republic of Armenia listened to the investigation of the criminal case against the soldier Permyakova, said the Investigative Committee of Russia. He assured his colleague that the investigation and judicial proceedings in respect of Permyakova will be only on the territory of Armenia".Today, the heads of the investigative committees of the two countries met with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and reported to him during a joint investigation, thus assuring that the guilty of murder will be punished.In Gyumri on January 12, where stationed 102nd Russian military base, was killed a family of six people. . . . . Read more -->

Crisis: "Zenith" (Gazprom) will make the richest Dziuba

Crisis: Zenit St Petersburg have made another step to ensure that football fans across the country hated him even more. Instead of raising their players, Gazprom representatives continue to spend frivolous money on foreigners and stupid to buy the Russian team leaders. This time the main goal of the team from the banks of the Neva river became the striker Spartak Artem Dzyuba.According to Twitter sport_inside, who already predict several high-profile transfers in the current season, Zenit took the fight to the attacker "Spartacus" and national team of Russia Artem Dzyuba. The source reports that active negotiations between the parties began in early January.The current agreement striker Russia with red-white expires this summer, and a few suggestions from the leadership of "Spartacus" on the extension of the contract Dzyuba rejected. As says the President of the red-and-white Leonid Fedun, the footballer was offered the highest salary in the club, but the player will have other suggestions. "We made the Dziuba three proposals for a new contract, which he declined. Read more -->

DND and LNR require Poroshenko has signed the order to cease fire

DND and LNR require Poroshenko has signed the order to cease fireThe main condition for the continuation of the Minsk talks DND and LNR called an end to the shelling of civilian towns of Donbass from Ukrainian security forces using heavy weapons."And because we no longer believe that the ceasefire must be confirmed by an official order of the President Poroshenko Ukrainian army and nazvanie to cease fire. And this order shall be published on the official website of the President of Ukraine," reads the statement of the polpredy DND and LNR at the talks in Minsk on the occasion of criticism from the OSCE.That representatives from DND and LNR were not ready to discuss on Saturday proposals of the Contact group in Minsk, according to published Sunday on the website of the OSCE statement of the group.Official representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk national republics in the contact group called inadequate assessment of the OSCE meeting in Minsk. "The meeting in Minsk on 31 January, the OSCE said that our side edogawaconan. To us this seems rather at least inadequate," - said in a joint statement by Denis Putilina and Vladislav Deinega, the text of which is posted on the website of Donetsk news Agency on Sunday."We twice visited Minsk and waited there for the Ukrainian representatives, who did not appear, referring to some flimsy reasons. We arrived in Minsk with offers that may be the beginning for this negotiation process, and not its imitation, what does the Ukrainian side, emphasize the signatories of the statement. . Read more -->

The debt of the government and private companies in 2014 decreased by 18%

The debt of the government and private companies in 2014 decreased by 18%Over the past year, the volume of external financial debt decreased by 17.7% ($92,4 billion) to $599,5 billion (about 34% of GDP), reaching the level recorded at the end of 2012, the debt of the state declined by 32.7% ($20.2 billion to $41,5 billion).A large proportion of repayments in 2014 fell on the private sector, and more precisely, of the company, which during the year has reduced debt by $60.3 billion (13.8 percent to $376,5 billion). Bank external debt decreased by 20.2% ($20.3 billion) to $130,9 billion Especially fast debt ($45.9 billion) and banks ($20.9 billion) declined in the fourth quarter of 2014, writes "Kommersant".In the last quarter of the year statistics of the Central Bank fixes a sharp increase in payments on corporate external debt (2014 he dipped by 14% to a maximum in 2002). Loans from parent companies in the Russian Federation was not reduced even in the most acute periods of crisis of 2008-2009, At the end of 2014. . . . Read more -->

In the Sverdlovsk region of about 2 million orphans received the long-awaited housing

In the Sverdlovsk region of about 2 million orphans received the long-awaited housingThe Prosecutor's office of the Sverdlovsk region summed up the practice of prosecutorial supervision over execution of legislation on the protection of housing rights of orphans and children left without parental care, and those among them for 2014.As told in the press service of the Prosecutor's office of the Sverdlovsk region, In order to protect the housing rights of children-orphans in the past year, prosecutors filed with the courts over 1.4 thousand claims for housing. Most claims courts considered and satisfied. In addition, included 50 views were brought to disciplinary responsibility 42 officials protested 82 illegal normative-legal acts on the protection of housing rights of orphans.In 2014 991 citizen of the categories of orphans received apartments. In just the last 2 years residential premises provided 1801 citizen, many of which housing was expecting from 3 to 5 years.So, on the territory of Asbest city district on contracts for specialized housing or contracts of social hiring 25 orphans got comfortable housing, rosne obtained four prospecting urban district - 35.On the initiative of the Prosecutor of the region in 2015 increased budgetary allocations for the implementation of housing rights of citizens from among children-orphans more than 246 million rubles and consists 997 million 143 thousand, including from the regional budget - 799 million 999 thousand rubles from the Federal budget - 197 146 million thousand. . . Read more -->

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