Sleight of hand. In Tavda the convict tried to carry "zone" money, put them in a safety razor

Sleight of hand. In Tavda the convict tried to carry In Tavda the convict tried to smuggle in a correctional colony of money hidden in a shaving machine.As reported in the press service of the administration of, the convicted person has soldered in razor RUB 1 the Incident occurred in the IR-26 (the village of Bely Yar, Tavda urban district. In 11.10 during inspection personal items arrived by stage from another institution, convicted in Art. 105 h 1 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation to 16 years of imprisonment, was discovered and seized monetary banknote one thousand rubles. Money man hid a clever way in the case of shaving machine. The very bill was armored in polyethylene.As explained in the office, for the detection of prohibited items in the units of the prison service is used by measuring the spectrum of the secondary fields (detector nonlinear transitions). These appliances purchased and used in institutions IR- 6, 12, 13, 15, 46.All in all the colonies and prison staff prison service in 2014 seized more than 600 grams of drugs; almost all were discovered upon delivery. In addition, they seized nearly 700 mobile phones, more than 40 liters of alcoholic beverages industrial production and more than 3.3 thousand liters of homemade alcoholic beverages (mostly withdrawn in jail). As for money, but last year, the staff of the penitentiary service stopped transfer "in the zone" 71,5 th.

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