Hungary prepared Maidan for closer relations with Russia?

Hungary prepared Maidan for closer relations with Russia?In protest against the policy of rapprochement with Russia, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban in Budapest was attended by more than 5 thousand people."It is alarming to see how Hungary put in dependence on Russia," said one of the "fighters for democracy", referring to the Russian loan of 10 billion euros to complete construction of the Hungarian NPP Paks, Deutsche Welle reports.Many "peaceful demonstrators" are afraid of strengthening the so-called "authoritarianism"."In all aspects of our lives we fear a return to centralization, such as the one that was under the Communist regime," said another demonstrate.Regular protests in Budapest go for the last two months. The event was organized by representatives of the new civil initiatives "Teperi!" (MostMi!) - promise to repeat the demonstration on 1 February, the day before his visit to Hungary by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.At the end of last year, Orban said that a new era had begun, when the United States began not only to intervene, but to take an active part in the internal politics of the countries of Central Europe. And in November the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban complained of strong pressure from the United States from Russia.In addition, in December the Hungarian government caused the charge d'affaires of the U.S. Andre Goodfriend for explanations in connection with the remarks of U.S. Senator John McCain that "Hungary lies in bed to Vladimir Putin," writes "the Look".

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