"The most successful industrial Park of the country" spending is inefficient. And it's not "SKOLKOVO"

More 757 million allocated for 8 years at the Technopark in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok 2.2 billion rubles on the development of infrastructure spent inefficiently or negatively, more than 152 million rubles lost forever, says the report of the audit chamber, the newspaper "Vedomosti" in the edition which has a photocopy of the document.Interestingly, the majority used avail money 596,9 million rubles went to the substation "Academic" and two conduit, a report from the PSC. "Academic" and culverts built in 2010-2011 violation of construction norms and rules, technical regulations; without a permit for construction and commissioning; the objects are not exploited, their balance holder is not defined, the document said.As the correspondent , thus the Technopark "echoed" the scandal of two years ago, when the substation Academic-2" is not divided between the former administration of the region, headed by who has fallen into disfavour Vasily Yurchenko and Siberian Academy of Sciences. The latter demanded the demolition of the newly built substation, since she believed that it was built without the proper permits and documents, despite the fact that the construction of the "Academic-2" was originally the idea arising from RAS. While the scientists themselves did not want the demolition of substation and just so tried to put pressure on the provincial government to dedicate the building in the property of sue WAV SB RAS. The Chairman of the SB RAS Alexander Aseev then he wrote in a letter to the Governor about the need for the construction of substations, motivating this step including the needs of the construction of the Technopark.The construction of the "saved" Novosibirsk arbitration court faulted the claim immediately to both plaintiffs. The government of the Novosibirsk region were denied compensation 327 million rubles, and RAS - demolition of substation "Academic-2". The judge took into account the "public interest", and the fact that requiring the demolition of substation SB RAS was one of those who previously required its construction.Thus on the basis of "public interest" substation really was erected at a rapid pace and without unnecessary bureaucracy.

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