The real estate market of the southern Urals came with holidays: what to expect buyers

The real estate market of the southern Urals came with holidays: what to expect buyersThe real estate market after the Christmas holidays appeared to be in a difficult situation. On the one hand, because of rising interest rates, increased Central Bank at the end of the year to 17%, has risen loans that developers are attracted or planned to borrow for construction, with the other rose and mortgage loans, as well as reduced purchasing power of citizens. Real estate prices at the same time, against the usual end-of-year decline went up. About what to prepare residents of the Chelyabinsk region, decided to change their living conditions, on the rates, prices and forecasts of the crisis 2015 told the head of the press service of the southern-Ural and housing Corporation mortgage Anastasia Menshikov.Question: At the end of the year were suspended transaction, for whatever reason it happened?Anastasia Menshikov: In December were suspended transactions of dubious nature, the basis of which needed to be checked. From December 23, 2014 January 19, 2015 in accordance on the state registration was put 62, 45 of which contracts have already been registered, and 17 contracts are in the Building. Currently all sales are restored.Question: will there be any shift deadlines in connection with the economic situation?Anastasia Menshikov: regardless of the economic situation in the country, the Corporation intends to adhere to the scheduled deadlines. Situations by "freezing" the construction is not planned.Question: Will continue the construction of existing projects?Anastasia Menshikov: Construction of existing projects, the Corporation will continue under the terms of the contracts and project returns. JSC "su CISI will adhere to all deadlines and plans. In 2015 it is planned to expand in Chelyabinsk and other cities in the region.In 2015, MD. "White farm" was commissioned kindergarten. The administration Sosnovsky district has the intention to make it kindergarten - elementary school - from the 1st to 4th grade.There in 2015 will be completed the construction of a shopping and entertainment complex. The construction of the infrastructure group. When the dynamics of settlement, the possible launch of urban transport. In the current year, starting from the second quarter, the Corporation plans to pass the first phase of homes at 50 the neighborhood "Park".Question: Increasing the key rate has an impact on the dynamics and forecasts for issuing mortgage loans? What's the interest rate is planned in the Corporation in 2015?Anastasia Menshikov: At the moment the process of approval the interest rate, of course, it will depend on the dynamics of changes in the key rate. The Corporation expects the Federal program to reduce mortgage rates and hopes to join the list of organizations on the program of preferential loans from the Government of the Russian Federation.At the moment, consider the possibility of starting the program "Rental housing" on the construction of the Corporation. The program is aimed at improving the living conditions of the population: provides the ability to move those categories of citizens who are unable to accumulate sufficient funds for the down payment.Question: Will the tightening of the criteria for granting mortgage loans?Anastasia Menshikov: the Corporation operates with reduced requirements to the borrowers as compared to other mortgage statements, but in 2015 the possible revision of the criteria for issuance.Due to the unstable economic situation of citizens may experience problems with payments on loans. Citizens who have some credits, you will be forced to choose which of credits you want to spend.Amount of arrears on Bank loans in January 2015 has increased significantly compared to the same period of the previous year, so in order to avoid debtors, the Corporation will consider applications for the grant of mortgage loans in more detail.Question: there have Been changes in the pricing policy?Anastasia Menshikov: January 2015 for apartments in buildings 50 MCR. "The Park has seen an increase in prices: depending on the time of completion of the house was charged a certain percentage of the appreciation. The closer the deadline, the higher the price; the farther according to deadline, the house, the less the percentage of the appreciation. For apartments in the "White Farm" the price will remain the same.Question: will Remain the practice paid reservation real estate Agency "KISI"?Anastasia Menshikov: Practice paid reservation will be continued, the contract will also stipulate the period of booking. After this period, the buyer may either refuse to buy or purchase this apartment on the booked price.Menshikov said that in the near future, the management of the Corporation intends to invite journalists at a briefing to fully comment on the situation.

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