More than 200 cars with the "wrong" toning "caught" in Yekaterinburg for a few hours

More than 200 cars with the A few hours of the city regiment DPS in Yekaterinburg revealed 230 vehicles with violating the standard and the SDA toning. During the entire period of operation "Toning" in the capital of the Urals were identified 425 these cars.In addition, during the operation we found two drunk driver, as well as several cases of serious traffic violations. Were brought to responsibility and 28 pedestrians who crossed the road in the wrong place.Let's add that on the 15th of November last year, amendments to the traffic rules of the Russian Federation was abolished measure of security in the form of withdrawal of state license plates until the problem is resolved. Most conscious citizens, even without these innovations, refused coating film, or brought into compliance with the requirements of the legislation. Meanwhile, the number of offenders, by contrast, found that the steady-state sanction - a fine in the amount of 500 rubles - not so significant, and chose not to shoot."Meanwhile, the failure of the legitimate demands of the police is punishable by an administrative arrest for up to 15 days. After a Protocol on violation of traffic rules the citizen has 10 days to its appeal. On expiry of this period the offender is obliged to remove tint and within 60 days to pay the scheduled fine.

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