In Yekaterinburg searching for victims of the fraud, extort money, on the principle of "Your son got in an accident"

In Yekaterinburg searching for victims of the fraud, extort money, on the principle of Police Yekaterinburg looking for victims of the fraud scheme, "Your son got in an accident". Currently, there are about four such incidents, however, believed to be police officers, victims may be much higher.As have informed in the press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Yekaterinburg, the detectives of the criminal investigation Department of the police Department в„–2 revealed the crime committed by the scheme, "the son got in an accident". The suspect was a resident of the Sverdlovsk region born in 1992. After returning from the army for some time he worked with his father, and then decided to move to Ekaterinburg. The young man decided to earn money by illegal way of tricking unsuspecting citizens.According to the attacker, he was personally looking for potential victims, then called them "good luck" and pretending to be a police officer, namely captain or Sergeant traffic police, reported that their relatives had been trouble in connection with what they are police. Reasons called different - had an accident in which their fault killed people caught with drugs, inflicted serious bodily injury during the fight. Detainee was offered to citizens to solve the problem for the money and if the latter agreed, drove his car "Toyota Carina" blue and had taken the necessary amount of from 3.5 to 35 thousand rublesToday proved the involvement of the suspect in the Commission of four episodes of illegal activity. However, investigators have every reason to believe that the detainee could make a number of similar crimes.Kirovsky district court against the suspect preventive measure in the form of arrest. The investigative division of the police initiated a criminal case under article "Fraud".

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