The man in Nizhny Novgorod shot pregnant with twins neighbor noise

The man in Nizhny Novgorod shot pregnant with twins neighbor noiseThe man in Nizhny Novgorod is suspected in the murder of 40-year-old pregnant neighbor, which prevented him from excessive noise. The woman slammed in front of a neighbor's door, then he shot it with a gun.As reported in the RF IC, the crime occurred on the evening of January 3, in the apartment down the street Akimova in Kanavinsky district of the city."The drunk man living on the ground floor of a multistory house, had a quarrel with neighbors living above his apartment on the second floor - they were noisy and difficult for him to relax. Taking from his apartment hunting rifle, he again rose to the neighbors on the second floor. When the neighbor was closed in front of him tambour door, he fired a shotgun through the door. From the received wounds pregnant woman died on the spot," said the Agency.According to investigators, the 49-year-old suspect arrested. A case of murder, however, addressed the issue of re-qualification of the crime under paragraph "g" of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder of women known by the perpetrator to being pregnant). As established investigators SC, gun at the suspect was legally.

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