The attack on Charlie Hebdo: suspect has declared his innocence

The attack on Charlie Hebdo: suspect has declared his innocenceFriends of the suspect in the attack on the Paris headquarters of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo confirmed that at the time of the attack he was in high school."According to our information, the authenticity of his alibi can be confirmed. His friends really argue that he was in the Lyceum at the time the events in question," says the channel iTele.On Wednesday morning, three of the attackers broke into the building where is located the edition of Charlie Hebdo, and opened fire on those standing there. The victims of the attack were 12 people, 11 people were wounded. The attackers managed to escape from the scene. All three suspects were wanted, one of them surrendered to the police."The youngest of the three wanted himself surrendered to the police, claiming his innocence. The reliability of the presented alibi... will install the investigators," says the TV station.According to iTele, the young man said that at the moment of attack was in the Lyceum. Earlier it was reported that 18-year-old Hamid M without a permanent place of residence is registered students in Reims.

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