Summary of the civil war: the national guard under fled in panic from Debaltsevo, leaving the APU in the lurch

Summary of the civil war: the national guard under fled in panic from Debaltsevo, leaving the APU in the lurchBoris Rozhin (colonel cassad) - about the war in Novorossia 1 Februaryon 1 February, the situation in the combat area in the new Russia remained extremely tense. The battles of varying intensity all day was conducted in the area of Debaltsevo, West of Donetsk, as well as the North-West of Lugansk. The fiercest fighting took place on direction.During the day the Ukrainian security forces systematically shelled the positions of the militia and civilian infrastructure. Under intense shelling Ukrainian artillery are still Donetsk, Gorlovka, as well as the settlements located along the highway Mahmuda.Map of January 31,Military events in DND. The night of February 1 in Donetsk was held under the sounds of artillery salvos, in the morning, the city was again heard the cannonade. About 3:00 on 1 February, after district of Donetsk Ukrainian law enforcers with the direction of Krasnogorovka, Sand and Marinke suffered an artillery strike. With positions in Avdeevka Mat they shot at the Kiev district, a few drops of shells was noted in the Budenovskoye area. In the night fire in Donetsk were wounded 14 civilians in Kuibyshev and Petrovsky areas. In addition, the Ukrainian shells fell on the Northern outskirts of the Kuibyshev and Kiev areas adjacent to villages Experienced and Sands, where they will remain the position of the Ukrainian security forces. In the Kirov district of Donetsk, one of the shells Mat hit the mine substation name Skochinsky, A.A., and also in the roof of morgue at the local hospital room 25. During the day the Ukrainian law enforcers did not reduce the intensity of the shelling of residential areas of the city. By shelling 13:40 Kuibyshev district were left without electricity, have been hit by municipal facilities in the Kiev region, numerous hit Ukrainian shells were observed in Donetsk among the affected areas three schools: 2 street Shchorsa and 1 on the boss, as well as mine named Abakumova. After dark, Donetsk continued to be under intense bombardment of the APU. As a result of firing at an engineering plant arrived 5 large-caliber ammunition on the territory of the plant began in a strong fire. Around 21:00 Ukrainian soldiers from Thin shelled Petrovsky district of Donetsk.There is a tense situation in the Donetsk airport. During the day from settlements Water and Experienced Ukrainian artillery and MLRS defenders airport was fired 5 times.With the positions of the Town APU fired Makeyevka. Ukrainian shells damaged the Northern outskirts of the city, there are victims, the exact number was not reported. About 16:00 on Makeyevka security forces worked from the MRLS, and in parallel with the district Grigorievka worked Ukrainian DRG. Arrivals occurred in the area of Red hill. There are victims, the exact number was not reported.In Krasnogorovka 1 February were destroyed two goals Mat: amazed artillery battery, and completely destroyed the camp of the security forces with a part of the equipment. In the North-East of the Town militia were amazed artillery battery of howitzers, and one of the checkpoints.To improve the security forces drove four tactical missile complex, similar to the "Point" and "Elbrus". Since the output of such weapons to the immediate front line raises doubts about their future use, there may be another provocation.By the end of February 1 of the Ukrainian law enforcers made another attempt Panzer breakthrough to Yasinovataya with the direction of the Town. Attack security forces was repulsed by the militia. APU loss retreated to the previously occupied position, the militia no losses.DND. Gorlovka was under fire from two directions, artillery DND successfully suppressed the Ukrainian firing positions. On the eve of the day when the fighting in Verhnechonskom militia destroyed the garrison and stores the APU. In Verhnechonskom again, after yesterday's artillery attack, the militia has succeeded in gathering the personnel of the security forces and tank firing position near the station. Scotomata. Gorlovka militia continued to besiege the position of the security forces in the southern part of Dzerzhinsk. Near mine "South" in Dzerzhinsk retaliatory fire artillery militia was destroyed arbitray howitzers. Data on losses of manpower Mat in the target area no.As of 20:30 Ukrainian security forces deliberately fired at residential areas Gorlovka: JM "sun", "the Fifth quarter", BW "Builder", CHA. It was reported at least two victims. As noted in the Ministry of defence DND, some places in the centre of the city was bombarded on a tip "beacons" - special transmitting devices left unknown on the roofs of high-rise buildings and community facilities and social infrastructure.February 1, it was observed, as cars OSCE was accompanied by the conclusion on gun positions battery MLRS security forces from Dzerzhinsk to H. p. Nelepova. Apparently, the Council of Europe is interested in fire peaceful quarters of Gorlovka.1 February 15:15 Ukrainian military out of Artemovsk was launched missiles "Tochka-U", probably in the direction Horlivka.The camp of the security forces at the site of the N. p. land - dawn (Volodarsky R-n) 4:30 am was destroyed by artillery VSN.In Mariupol direction was noted disturbing the firing positions of the army DND from SAU. From Stroganovka of mortars were fired at the positions of the sun DND in the area Novalesa. On the night of February 1, the militia fired on the positions of the regiment "Azov" under the Mariupol.According to Minoborony DND, during the day, the militia lost 7 killed and 24 wounded, Mat has lost 57 killed, 5 tanks, 7 BMP, 12 SAU, militia captured 2 large field ammunition depot to the MRLS.Debaltseve ledge. February 1, APU been under fire around the perimeter of the boiler. There were fights in Malvorlage, Debaltsevo, Chernukhin. Ukrainian security forces attacked the militia in Novoorlovka and Red Farmer. From Chernukhin Mat managed to drop the attacking unit VSN, At the end of 1 February Trinity is still fully behind the Mat, Red Plowman fully for VSN, Chernukhin militia is just on the outskirts.On the night of February 1st Ukrainian security forces attempted to break in Uglegorsk. Attacking the security forces were ambushed militia have killed and wounded, also lost one carrier and two tanks. As of 21:30 Ukrainian security forces were massed artillery bombardment of Uglegorsk.About 9:30 artillery Mat led fire fight in Debaltsevo, but major counterattack Ukrainian law enforcers were not, there were only local attacks. Early on the morning of February 1, fire militias have been prevented through two columns of ammunition, fuel, and provisions for Ukrainian troops surrounded in Debaltsevo of Artemovsk. Three columns with sanitary and trucks, which transported the wounded Ukrainian security forces in Artemivsk, during the day were freely released from Debaltsevo.According to reports of the Ukrainian side, the national guard under the evening of February 1, fled in panic from Debaltsevo, leaving the APU to the mercy of fate. All posts constantly working artillery militia, carried out a tank attack. Reinforcements to the security forces never arrived.Near Nikishina for 1 February were eliminated scattered groups Mat.

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