Dubrovsky commissioned during the year to deal with illegal mining in the Chelyabinsk region

Dubrovsky commissioned during the year to deal with illegal mining in the Chelyabinsk regionThe problem of illegal mining in the Chelyabinsk region should be resolved within 2015. This was stated by the Governor Boris Dubrovsky at the regional meeting with the heads of regions and municipalities.Minister of property and natural resources of the region Alexey Bobrikov reported that in 2014 as fines from violators of the law on subsoil use was collected more than 1.8 million rubles Illegal development is often carried out in sosnowska, Karabash and Chebarkul areas.As reported in the press service of the head of the southern Urals, Dubrovsky focused chapters on the problem of illegal mining. In his opinion, the problem of illegal mining is organizational in nature"It's not an Apple to break! We all understand that the involved technique, a long period of time on-site work. Times, illegal extraction is carried out in the area, it is obvious that the attention of local authorities to do. In 2015 this problem we must solve, and to exclude from the practice," said Boris Dubrovsky from the heads of municipalities.In General, the damage caused by illegal mining tens of millions of rubles. It not only entered in the budget taxes - great damage illegals cause and the environment. In this regard, the head of the region also drew attention of the participants on the need for rehabilitation of the territories which had been under development and mining. Dubrovsky instructed to establish strict control over the activities on rehabilitation of pits and quarries, which must hold for its own account production companies."By the end of the year you will report as identified and reclaimed abandoned quarries. This work should be done.

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