Militia DND liberated Kalinovka West Debaltsevo - defense DND

Militia DND liberated Kalinovka West Debaltsevo - defense DNDMilitia DND liberated town of Kalinovka in the West from Debaltsevo, said Deputy commander of the corps of the Ministry of defence DND Eduard Bacurin, reports Donetsk news Agency."The most active clashes took place in the area of human settlements Debaltsevo, Chernukhin and Kalinovka. In the early days released Kalinovka, adjacent to the West side to Debaltsevo," said he.Thus, the ring around the city, where there are up to eight thousand fighters, actually shrank to its borders."Units of the militia DND continue fighting during the lock Ukrainian troops in Debaltsevo the boiler. In the morning, carrying massive losses in manpower and equipment, the enemy attempts were made to exit the environment," said Bacurin.However, they all failed. "In the crossfire were dropped from the outskirts of the city and retreated to Debaltsevo," - said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

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