Transneft is building a branch from the ESPO to Komsomolsk refinery

Transneft is building a branch from the ESPO to Komsomolsk refineryTransneft has launched a project for the construction of the pipeline branch from the main trunk pipeline "Eastern Siberia-Pacific ocean" to Komsomolsk refinery.According to experts, the pipeline-tap will allow the plant to increase capacity to 10 million tons per year and to increase its share in the far East market of motor fuel consumption by 10-15%.While began exploration work. Is field work on laying the track. It goes along the left Bank of the Amur river, i.e. in the swamps. So build will be available only in winter. Until April, the entire run must be completed and inspected. Identified five technology areas, where construction will take place at the same time.To Finance the design and construction of the pipeline branch ESPO-oil length 330 km and a bandwidth of up to 8 million tonnes of oil Transneft and Rosneft signed in December last year, the agreement on long-term tariff for transportation of oil by pipeline Tikhoretsk-Tuapse-2.It is planned that the fee amount will be 1,152 thousand roubles per 1 tonne for a period of 36 calendar months. "Rosneft" in the validity period shall procure the delivery of not less than 11.5 million tons per year, a total of 34.5 million tonnes of oil in the pipelines for transportation on the route Tikhoretsk-Tuapse-2.Previously the company estimated the construction 47.5 billion rubles, and "Transneft" asked 5.5 billion rubles.

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