MST explained who and how will be awarded badges TRP

MST explained who and how will be awarded badges TRPThe Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation have established citizen award marks the TRP. A special procedure is designed to enhance the status of the mark. Higher - Golden - degree will be able to assign only the sports Minister of the country, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".Recall that the state is now actively reviving in our country the system of TRP. This year will be able to officially compete for honors students. In future, the system will apply to all educational institutions, including universities. And in 2017, as planned, to deliver the standards will attract and adults. Anyone can prepare.I, of course, no one in sports centers pull will not, but people will try to interest.The student, for example, the sign will help you to enter a prestigious University. This is not the assumptions and facts.Many universities in the published rules of admission guarantee the right Supplement for those students who have chest this icon. For example, in the Moscow state law University Kutafin any stage of the complex TRP will give received 1 point plus.Also students slackistan can be promised increased scholarships and adults salary and even promotion.Of course, to enter or not such preferences their sports staff, depends on the employer. However, there is no doubt that in public institutions at least seriously think about how to support the government programme. In any case at the Federal level will be prepared by the special recommendations on organization, preparation and implementation of standards for the TRP for working citizens.In General, exercise should become a fashionable trend. But the main reward of the person who passed the standards of the sports complex will receive for himself: health, joy of life. If, in preparing for the "exam" in the testing center, the TRP, the citizen will become addicted to sports, the effect will be long lasting. Moreover, the complex will be prescribed, and recommendations for week musculoskeletal mode". It is not enough to get the badge, then I have to constantly keep in shape. Still a beer belly and icon TRP - two things are incompatible.Take norms can be in a special testing centers, which will appear throughout the country. They will be equipped with the necessary equipment. Anyone who has a medical certificate, will be able to pass the test and to test their strength. To pass the test you though life. The government has set 11-speed TRP: each corresponds to your age. The first stage is designed for children of 6-8 years. The second on 9 and 10-year-old. And so on. Pass eleventh same stage you will be aged 70 and older. This will not just worthy to live your life, but to maintain strength and health. Each stage has three levels of difficulty, respectively, will be three degrees of the sign: "gold", "silver" and "bronze".It is important that the state will not scatter icons just so, otherwise they will depreciate. Presented awards will be based on a special procedure. Bronze and silver level will give the man the authorities of the regions, to approve as a gold level can only Minister of sports of Russia. Signs and certificates will be specially considered. If a person has lost an icon, the new will not receive duplicate are not eligible. The testing centers will be to apply two times a year. That is, the citizen, after he rent regulations will have to wait. And protocols on the basis of the date of the regulations will be published online on the official websites of testing centers. Therefore, the country will know who is capable of what.Icons TRP will be awarded in a solemn ceremony.

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