In Yekaterinburg the next "hot spot": defrauded real estate investors HBC "Nightingales" is ready to take to the streets

In Yekaterinburg the next In Yekaterinburg brewing the next "hot spot". This time on the streets ready to go defrauded shareholders HBC "Nightingales". According to the shareholders, they have already visited the rapids all authorities - police, Prosecutor's office, Ministry of construction, the Investigative Committee, the FSB, but the result is not brought. Desperate people ready to take to the streets, correspondent .As told by themselves deceived shareholders HBC "Nightingales" (residential complex on the street Republican, Uralmash), seven years ago they joined the cooperative in the hope of finding their own housing, in good faith has paid its cost, but in the end and live in rented apartments."Contracts in 2008 were concluded with the company "Domburi", but breaking all its obligations, three years ago this company resold the object to complete the construction of another organization, but the new developer is not turning at home, but only postpones the expected timing for a variety of reasons. As it turned out, already at the stage of its investigation, on the website "Domburi" were originally specified addresses, for which no one was there, and the founders of the construction was young people 25-28 years," noted the shareholders HBC "Nightingales".According to shareholders, the past four years of their lives turned into walking the chain of command in the hope to reach a solution to the problem, but everywhere desperate people only get replies. Thus, shareholders have contacted the police, the Prosecutor's office, Ministry of construction, the FSB, Russia's top Investigative Agency, the Government of the Russian Federation, to the Deputy Alexander Khinshtein, by the way, recently visited the capital of the Middle Urals, and other"We suggest that cooperative construction is not subject to the law on shared construction, and, therefore, to understand us with unscrupulous developers need. People are driven to despair and ready to take to the streets to protest, to somehow draw attention to their trouble! We were victims and fraudsters, and authorities at the same time!", - angry defrauded shareholders.According to the company website "Domburi" HBC "Nightingales" is indeed their object. The period of completion of works is scheduled for the second quarter of this year. The house consists of three sections, equipped with passenger and cargo high-speed elevators, underground Parking, modern water purification system, digital telephony and otherThe plan envisages the construction of several types of accommodation: studios from 23 square meters; as well as apartments for 40, 50 and 72 "square".In addition, published on the website and photos of the progress of the construction. The last of them were posted online in September-November passed year. According to him, it is difficult to say that the construction of "frozen": the photo shows a home to go work on finishing the interior.It is worth noting that earlier in the week at the residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region held a meeting of the Sverdlovsk protracted. The attended and state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. During the meeting it was announced that work on solving the problems of defrauded real estate investors in the Sverdlovsk region is coming to a logical conclusion by the end of 2015 and is expected to close questions in almost all uncompleted construction projects.In addition, according to information presented at the meeting, to date, there are still seven unfinished houses, all of them authorities in the region, "keep your hand on the pulse and know how to resolve the situation. For the last years in the region were put into operation about 40 protracted, in their legitimate flats drove nearly three thousand of the Urals. The participants of the meeting discussed in detail the situation with all the unfinished residential properties that will be conducted in 2015 - the house down the street Sheveleva, 1, at home, on the street Millers Astronauts, houses streets Roshinsky - Yakut - Patriots, as well as streets in the World - Gagarin - Cherry in Yekaterinburg, the house on the street Udovenko in Nizhny Tagil and down the street Papanin's team in England. All objects Governor were set clear deadlines for the resolution of outstanding issues.Recall, as of September 1, 2014 office of the state construction supervision of the Sverdlovsk region in the Regional registry included 536 citizens to support them in accordance with the regional law. The total number of square meters of residential space, paid for these citizens, is 21 thousand 727,8 "squares".

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