Haffner for the advice, "eat less" made party discipline, and Shepty gave the book "Words that changed the world"

Haffner for the advice, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, the head of the project "people's control" Ilya Haffner punished for his statement about "proper nutrition". Colleagues -"United Russia" announced his recovery during today's meeting of the Presidium of the political Council of the Sverdlovsk resetdelay "ER". Secretary of the Department Victor Septi, in turn, made Haffner gift - book "Words that changed the world", the correspondent ."Any political party is in the process of political struggle, even when there are no elections, and there will always be reasons to "inflate" the scandal and cause reputational damage to the organization. We cannot allow it, so most openly discuss these things, that there was even doubt that I had in mind. Today, I think the theme of this ambiguous statement is closed. We are now in a situation where people worry about issues related to food, and this is the most urgent need of the person. You have to understand that we now have certain restrictions on imports. He Haffner) wanted to say his opinion that he, as a man thinks so-and-so. You should be very careful with words", - commented the head of the Sverdlovsk "United Russia" Victor Septi, communicating with journalists.According to the decision of the Presidium of the political Council, Ilya Haffner announced a penalty - he was warned "about the non-ambiguous statements, the interpretation of which could be detrimental to the political interests of the party "United Russia"."I can say for myself, being in communication with the press, I try to be as open as possible, but not to swear and offend no one," he added in conclusion, Victor Septi.Earlier, during the RAID of "public control", the Deputy gave negligent advice to Sverdlovsk, which was disseminated by the media. Commenting on the situation of increasing prices in Yekaterinburg hypermarkets and noting their growth by 25%, MP Ilya Haffner said: "on average, prices rose 25% compared to last January. I think it's not so bad. If you do not have enough money, we must remember, we are all Russians, Russians. We were hungry and cold, you just have to think about their own health - there is less, for example. Of course, it is impossible, but nevertheless".The statement of the Deputy caused a storm of outrage among residents of the Middle Urals. Haffner said that he was misunderstood, and the quote pulled out of context. "My words were jerked out of context, but I had something else in mind! Our country has passed and cold, and hunger, and deprivation. At the moment what is happening in our country, there are objective and subjective reasons for this price increase, and sanctions. We need to remember our past, to remember how we had vegetable gardens. We planted potatoes, save on everything and played sports.

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