American media directly called the S&P decision "last blow to the Kremlin"

American media directly called the S&P decision The American media called the downgrade by Standard & Poor's rating of Russia to "junk" level "the last blow to the Kremlin, says RBC.The night before S&P downgraded Russia to speculative grade BB .Analyst at Standard Bank Tim ash said The Wall Street Journal, not surprised that the rating action by S&P and expects that it will be followed by Fitch and Moody's. The downgrade "reflects a combination of lower oil prices, sanctions and conflict in Ukraine with complex geopolitical struggle with the West, which shows no signs of abating," said ash. "These factors are expected to continue to exert pressure on the balance of Russia", - the expert believes."The prospects are very bleak economy [Russia] firmly on the path that leads to recession after a sharp fall in oil prices and a full-blown currency crisis, which began in December," said a currency strategist at Rabobank Peter Mathis. He believes that the decrease in Russia's rating below investment grade means that the Central Bank will have to support the ruble, keeping the interest rate at 17%, it is possible that the regulator would have to intervene directly in the foreign exchange market.The downgrade of Russia is the latest blow to the Kremlin," writes the Financial Times. The publication notes that the S&P decision emphasized the deterioration of the situation in the economy of the world's largest exporter of energy: the country has suffered from falling oil prices, a sharp reduction in the value of the ruble and Western sanctions, these factors in the complex was closed to Russian companies access to global capital markets. Last month, Moody's and Fitch lowered its ratings on Russia, but still keep them one step above "junk".Traders believe that since two of the three major credit rating agencies still rate the rating of Russia at the investment level, the S&P decision should not cause a wave auto sales.

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