Cybermarket put Yatsenyuk ultimatum

Cybermarket put Yatsenyuk ultimatumHackers "Cyberpirate" put the request of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Fighters for truth and justice insist that the official "stopped what he started". Otherwise - computer hackers will publish all the "secrets" of the "top" of the Ukrainian authorities."Mr. Yatsenyuk! We begin the countdown. You have three days to stop what you started. In case of any breach of our terms, we will begin to open the world's eyes to what is happening in the country. Personal correspondence of the first persons of the state, telephone conversations, confidential documents - all that we found during the existence of our group by hacking the computers of employees of the security service of Ukraine. You decide to stop the bloodshed in their own country and start from scratch, or make media suicide in the eyes of a million people. I advise you to hurry," said the hackers."Cybermarket" appeared after the dissolution of the special forces police "Berkut".

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