"When madhouse run by crazies": America is ready to unleash a nuclear war against Russia

America has waged a real war against humanity. The authorities refer to such methods which dictators hesitate to seek. They use weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological and radiation. And are testing new weapons.Washington plans to increase the boundaries of the American Empire until, until you reach the absolute world domination. For this he is ready to go even in a nuclear war against Russia or Iran. This opinion was expressed by the author of Global Research.Barack Obama under the guise of fighting "Islamic state" is trying to get congressional approval for an unlimited war all over the world. From the first day, as soon as Obama became President, he declared war against all mankind. No state in history there was such a threat to the world community, as the United States celebrates Global Research.The Ukrainian military in the Donbass act at the bidding of the Pentagon, the journalist writes. In his opinion, the so-called U.S.-Ukrainian joint exercises can be preparing for full-scale military invasion. Americans are going to fight in close proximity to the Russian border, in order if necessary to untie the U.S.-Russian conflict, the article says."Dozens of U.S. military instructors are prepared to be sent to Syria. Their task is to train the militants of the so-called "moderate opposition", the author writes.According to the Creator of the project TomDispatch.com Nick TERS, for the last three years, the us special forces carried out operations in more than 150 countries. He suggests that the activities of special forces "is not controlled by anyone and is not covered in the press." Their main task is to destabilize the situation in the countries conducting an independent policy by coups, political assassinations or military intervention."Barack Obama only serves the interests of the wealthy. On ordinary people he cared about. Started under Bush Jr. the process of turning America into a police state reached under Obama its peak," said the reporter."When madhouse run by psychos, what might happen, even the worst".

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