"The children and grandchildren of the executioners would have to repent for the crimes of their ancestors children and grandchildren of the victims. This is the whole idea of de-Stalinization, all struggle with today's Russia"

To the people who went through hell many times, repented before Satan for what he has managed to survive and keep themselves, writes Olga Dukhanina."Hypothetical shouting, "Oh, if our army did not win, you could be, and was not alive" - those who today uses Auschwitz as a political bargaining coins, do not apply. Because they know, whose army was defeated. Personally threatening them passed. They have dozens of airbags.Similarly, we need to understand that because no Gulag no. No SMERSH, no NKVD. Do you think these people actually believe that Putin is Stalin-Lite? Leave, it is good for hamsters.They are fascists, but today this term needs to be clarified. "Mein Kampf" under the pillow does not lie. This is not the fascism of Mussolini. This is not national socialism of Hitler and the ideology of a new type on the old yeast.These gentlemen can easily the loudest shouting: "Catch fascist!", chasing stupid youth subcultures, which they fed. Young idiots wear the swastika, throw zygi and mark the birthday of the "grandfather". A rag doll. The Scarecrow.No. Modern fascists clean, cultural... And now they are quite international. And small nationalist cries used to their advantage. Gays they do not pursue, and encourage. A lot has changed.But the theory of superiority is still the same. Like to talk about benign genes, inferior peoples. About evolution, biology. Poor Russians, on this account, our liberals have already talked to a separate Tribunal.In General, it is social Darwinism. With all the consequences. With iPads and iPhones. And it is not only with us, he already actively grows.We are dealing with an absolutely cynical and absolutely unscrupulous people. Among them are Jews who justify Hitler and "come for the crown. Among them the largest party functionaries of the Communist party in Eastern Europe, the ideology of communism, which now declare this criminal ideology and the Communist party compared to SS. Our figures no better than the collective Dalia Grybauskaite.Children and grandchildren of the executioners would have to repent for the crimes of their ancestors children and grandchildren of the victims. This is the whole idea of de-Stalinization, all struggle with today's Russia. To the people who went through hell many times, repented before Satan for what he has managed to survive and protect themselves.However, they somehow ashamed to call themselves fascists. All pick up something beautiful. Under the iPhone.Social Darwinism today is the main ideological impact force of the Western world. You will be goals, barefoot, poor and naked, we let us destroy you, razdrakonil, will throw in a landfill and will send humanitarian aid to you nibbled biscuits.Will be moving, will punish them. And your fans of Western values (what values, what is it?) will we beg harder, harder to punish. Turn off you light, gas, water and cards, while you are some bloody nationalist Democrat will not name.Well, we are not called.Fascists have to win again, and then tomorrow they will arrange in Auschwitz exemplary punishment of a soldier of the red army, they would become.

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