Kholmanskikh gathered deputies in Moscow: Bills of regional authorities must not go in the archives of the state Duma

Kholmanskikh gathered deputies in Moscow: Bills of regional authorities must not go in the archives of the state DumaThe Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Urals Federal district Igor Kholmanskikh met with deputies and senators representing the interests of the district, and called for closer cooperation of all branches and levels of government in the promotion of legislative initiatives of the regions, the correspondent .Today this interaction of Federal and regional legislators of great importance, he said. Often, in his opinion, the actors offer important changes, and the emphasis is put not on local interests." "The vast majority of bills regions aimed at solving problems of national character. Just at the regional level, these problems are more visible and more painful than in the capital," said Kholmanskikh. However, many people today are concerned about the fate of the local legislative initiatives, such documents often do not receive the support of the Federal Assembly, said the Ambassador.Not always these initiatives are consistent with the priorities of the Federal legislation, and "sometimes overlap, are quite raw and unprocessed", pointed Kholmanskikh.In this regard, he said, the close interaction between legislators will help to evaluate the potential of bills at the time of their nomination. "This will allow you to see what will be the attitude towards it [the bill] by the parliamentary majority, as it is appropriate in the current financial and political situation. We cannot allow regional legislators worked for the archive of the state Duma. The right to legislative initiative should be used wisely and efficiently," said Kholmanskikh.As an example of a coordinated and successful regional and Federal legislators Ambassador cited the recently approved law on the abolition of direct elections for governors Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district and the NAO. "I am convinced that this is the right proposal, which will have a positive impact on the management system of these regions," he said.Senator Stepan Kirichuk during the meeting voiced statistics, according to which for 2014 the joint efforts of Federal and regional deputies and senators were introduced 239 bills. One of them was taken 65 initiatives, i.e. about 30% of the total. The MP, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Dmitry Vyatkin specified that as of 26 January was introduced in the Duma 91 bill from regional deputies, 7 of them accepted, and 40 are pending. While performers appreciate the coefficient adoption of legislation on the subjects of the Urals Federal district.Vyatkin also suggested for more productive passing bills in advance to agree on the text of the document in the Council. This opportunity regions are extremely rare, only 24 of the initiative was presented in this body last year. "And most of the laws are written in such a way that the second reading should be rewritten completely," he said. This significantly reduces the chances of regional legislators to adopt their laws, because "not enough time" - a month in the relevant Committee considered the order of 100 bills.

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