Medina at the consecration of the Epiphany Church in Mound: "This is more than I expected!"

Medina at the consecration of the Epiphany Church in Mound: The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, who arrived in the Urals January 25, on an official visit, and the Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin took part in the solemn consecration of the newly built Church of the Epiphany, built in record time on the Tobol river at the intersection of Krasin and Klimov."For all the inhabitants of the TRANS it is a very significant event. I Express my gratitude to the Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Iltjakov, the management of the "Veles", all employees, as well as residents of Barrow, who provided all possible assistance in the construction. Special thanks I want to say to the Minister of culture. I remember in 2011 when I visit here, Vladimir Medinsky has promised to assist in the further construction of the temple. He has created an initiative group of his friends, companions, a huge amount of personal donations was collected in order to finish the work in time. And today we see this achievement. I am convinced that the Church of Epiphany is always full of parishioners, he will be the most Holy spirituality, morality - not only for the residents of Barrow, but only the TRANS-Urals," said Kokorin during festive events.As reported in the press service of the Governor of the Kurgan region, as a gift to the Governor presented to the Archbishop of Kurgan and Shadrinsk Constantine certificate for further landscaping adjacent to the temple site."This is more than I expected. This is still an unfinished project of the temple, however, all that is required to work here already exists. And beauty, including external, we will build in the future. So that will be another occasion a year and a half to come here", - shared his impressions of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.The Minister added that the finishing work will be completed in the summer of 2016, and expressed confidence that the project will be the most beautiful temple of the Urals and not only.

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