The head of the Sverdlovsk RCDS about the case of Loshagina": "There are crimes that are committed in conditions of non-obviousness"

The head of the Sverdlovsk RCDS about the case of LoshaginaThe head of the Investigation Department of the TFR in the Sverdlovsk region Valery splinters commented on a big case about the murder of a model Yulia Prokopieva-Lasagnas, in which he accused her husband is a well-known photographer Dmitry Lochain. This issue was discussed during today's press conference, BelTA .See also:-->The appeal against the sentence Dmitry Loshagina entered the Regional court of Yekaterinburg-->Photographer Loshagina, for which the Prosecutor asked the 13 zones, suddenly justifiedAccording to Valery Zadorin, on the one hand I would not like to have such results by order of the court, but there are crimes that are committed in conditions of non-obviousness."It is not always possible to recreate the picture. We have 14 of these sentences. This is not a failure investigation. While the verdict is not yet in force," said splinters.Recall, Dmitry Lochain and his wife Julia Prokopyeva-Loshagina well known in glamorous party Yekaterinburg: a well-known photographer and a beautiful model. The couple often appeared at various social events, often a party was held in the loft of the photographer, located on the 17th floor of a building on Belinsky,17. At one of these gatherings, August 22, as suggested by the result, and the tragedy occurred. On this day there was held a presentation of beauty and art exhibition. The event was attended by over 50 people.According to investigators, about 22 hours Lochain, Prokopyeva and several guests through technical room went up on the roof for panorama view of the city at night. "Coming down from the roof and through technical room in the Studio, Lochain and Prokopyeva, left alone, had a falling out. Photographer, being intoxicated, attacked her and stabbed her booted feet multiple blows to her feet, then grabbed his head and, with the power turn, caused her mechanical trauma to the neck," said the consequence.According to investigators, Prokopyeva died at the scene. "Lochain, to hide the traces of the crime, took the body of his wife "Audi TT" in the forest, where he built a fire, threw the girl's body fragments of roofing material, poured a flammable liquid and set on fire, and then disappeared", - stated in the materials of the case.The photographer during the investigation and court was in jail. The Prosecutor asked for Loshagina 13 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony, however, the court considered the evidence is inconclusive and the photographer was justified.

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