"United Russia" outraged by the decision to release from school Sysert students, not vaccinated against influenza

"United Russia intend to seek permission Sysert students to attend school. Currently, the city declared the flu quarantine."Education is a right of every child. Students Sysert should not suffer from the fact that adults can not ensure their safety. In this case we are talking about ignorance of the law or of incompetence and inability to follow simple hygiene procedures," commented the Chairman of the regional Council of the party "United Russia" Victor Babenko.As have informed in the press service of the regional Department of the party, the Council of advocates of "ER" will take issue with the school quarantine control."We will ensure that children could learn without any bureaucratic delays," he said Babenko.Recall that the quarantine in Sysert was introduced on the eve of the New year by decree of the head of Alexander Karamysheva the view of the CPS and is still ongoing."Our chief medical officer, including Sysert, a proposal was made to the Chapter on conducting restrictive measures in order to reduce morbidity. This applies to mass events in the city in enclosed spaces and other control measures. Federal law stipulates that the introduction of such a regime in educational institutions - kindergartens and schools - not allowed children not protected from influenza. This happens when any of the inoculated infection. As for the time of quarantine, the decision is made on the basis of information on morbidity. Limit does not exist" - previously commented to the reporter, press Secretary office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Sverdlovsk region Natalia Lukiantseva.The quarantine was very touched County residents, especially parents and children, which is limited to attendance at any events, and most importantly - schools and kindergartens. An open letter to the head of Sysert urban district and the head of the territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor acted as Secretary of the local branch of the Communist party Dmitry Kuznetsov.In his address, the Communist indicates that a decision on the introduction of quarantine wider public is not informed. Teachers and educators reported to parents by phone that the children who do not have immunizations will not be allowed to visit schools and kindergartens. The administration of the schools require children and adults of the presence of vaccination against influenza, although the majority of cases in December 2014 was diagnosed with acute respiratory infections, viral infections, often with symptoms of gastro-intestinal infections."The labour code clearly stipulates the cases of exclusion for work, and refusal of vaccination is not listed here. Why not organized full-scale monitoring? Why the CPS does not illuminate in the media the current situation in the district? Why closed all the territory of the district, when it was possible to close only the individual settlements, or educational institution? From the point of view of common sense, during quarantine, the attention of the administration should be designed to maximize community outreach: identifying patients, the search for causes of morbidity and causes of the mass refusal of vaccination. However, all this does not apply to Sysert urban district. At the moment we have no flu epidemic.

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