To teach religion from 2 to 9 classes in Russian schools can begin in 2017

To teach religion from 2 to 9 classes in Russian schools can begin in 2017On behalf of the ROC Minister of education Dmitry Livanov sent the proposal to introduce the teaching of the school course "fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics" (ORCSA) from 2nd to 9th classes, informs "Interfax"."I hope that this proposal will receive the support of the Ministry. However, even in case of a positive decision, you should understand that the introduction of articles module in grades 2-4 will be possible not earlier than the period of 2016-2017 school year, in grades 5-9 - not previously 2017-2018 school year", - said the Patriarch of the bishops ' meeting in Moscow.The rate of ORCSA was introduced in all secondary schools in Russia on 1 September 2012. He studied throughout the 4th class rate of one hour per week and consists of six modules: "fundamentals of Orthodox culture", "Fundamentals of Islamic culture", "foundations of Jewish culture", "Foundations of Buddhist culture, Basics of world religious cultures", "fundamentals of secular ethics". Students and their parents have the right to choose one of them.As noted by Patriarch Kirill, it is important to decide with the Ministry of education, the issue of remuneration of teachers involved in the practical implementation of ARXE. He explained that currently paid from the budget rate of only one teacher, and in the case of selecting parents several modules principals are forced to independently raise funds for their implementation."This situation encourages the schools to influence the parents' choice to limit the teaching of only one module," said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.In addition, according to him, currently being discussed by the increase of budget places in the training of theologians in secular universities, and agreement has been reached with the Ministry of education "on the establishment of the adjustment mechanism of the check digit, starting from 2016, recruitment, budget places in theology". Monitoring of this will be a special body under the Interreligious Council of Russia.The Patriarch also said that in July 2013 the Interreligious Council of Russia appealed to President Vladimir Putin asking him to introduce theology into the list of scientific specialties. Last fall I was having a conversation the head of the ROC with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. "Despite the support of the head of state and Prime Minister, to this day theology only separate consolidation group of specialties in the free list of training areas and specialties of higher education (bachelor, master and doctoral). Unfortunately, there is some resistance to the introduction of theology into a new list of scientific specialties of the Russian Federation.

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