Clashes in Armenian Gyumri continue. Already twelve victims

Clashes in Armenian Gyumri continue. Already twelve victimsIn the Armenian city of Gyumri, the second day of mass protests of citizens, reports the Russian spring.Already marked by clashes between police and protesters in connection with the murder of a family of six persons, allegedly committed servicemen service with the Russian military base.Murder is suspected Russian soldiers Valery Permyakov, who was arrested and has already made a confession. He had been charged with murder and desertion.The protest began outside the local Prosecutor's office immediately after the funeral. Then the protesters moved to the General Consulate of the Russian Federation. They require to pass Permyakova the Armenian side. The police from the crowd flying stones. She closes shields and trying to push radical protesters."The suspect in the crime Valery Perm is a citizen of the Russian Federation and is under the supervision of the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation, that is under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.Therefore, the transfer Permyakova Armenian law enforcement officers are not discussed, given enshrined in paragraph 1 of article 61 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation ban, according to which the citizen of the Russian Federation may not be transferred to another state," reported the local Prosecutor's office.As seen on broadcast ARAJIN LIVE, collision now go on the streets. You can hear the explosions of firecrackers. Security forces are trying to push the protesters, in response throw stones. Some of the protesters arrested. The clashes over the murder of the Armenian family of Russian soldier began on the evening of January 15. The protesters started pelting the police cordon at the Consulate General of Russia.

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