In Yekaterinburg StopFashington-2: Exploration of GDP our task for today is done!"

In Yekaterinburg StopFashington-2: Exploration of GDP our task for today is done!Today, January 31, Yekaterinburg held StopFashington-2. The event attracted about 200 people. Participants lined up at the Yekaterinburg along Lenin Avenue, holding pictures of dead people on the Donbass children, leaflets #Donbass, #Mariupol, #Odessa, #Gorlovka and #Donetsk, and a huge banner "We are all Donbass", and then went to the U.S. Consulate General, where he held a picket. The response from the Embassy, as always, was not followed, correspondent .The action began today at 13.00 in Yekaterinburg. About 200 people with flags of Novorossia, posters, banners and leaflets lined up along Lenin Avenue. The whole event took about 20 minutes, after which all participants organized column marched to the U.S. Consulate General, where picket.Meanwhile, people could not stand silently, as required by the rules of the rally. The crowd chanted "I Donbass", after which came the cries accusations against the United States.We are here today to Express our citizenship. Yes, what happened in France in the magazine "Sharlee Abdo" is a tragedy. It condemned all over the world, but why the whole world does not pay attention to what is happening in Ukraine: is there already a year kill civilians, children, women, elderly. They are killed there every day, even Ukrainians took to the streets with a sign "I Sharlee", but for some reason no one came out with a sign "I Donbass". Why cold hypocritical silence the world has met the burning alive of people in the House of trade Unions in Odessa; when the Ukrainian fighters shot down "Boeing", when the SBU and the CIA carried out a bloody provocations in Volnovaha and Mariupol? We see this as double standards inherent in the Western world, Western values. We directly accused the United States of America," said organizer StopFashington-2 Ilya Belous.According to him, the activists want the U.S. and its local performers stopped punitive operation against the peaceful inhabitants of Lugansk and Donetsk national republics"."We are here today all - Donbass!", - said Bilous.It should be noted that no reaction from representatives of the diplomatic mission at what is happening, as always, followed. None of the Consulate staff never came out to talk with activists: for the events they were watching from the Windows of the building, peeking out from behind the curtains.The organizers have already summarised the results of the promotion."The campaign was a success. The more we hold such shares, the better. People begin to join public life. Today, the President relies on volunteers and citizen's initiative, and we're trying to Wake people up, so they were not indifferent, United. As soon as possible need all this to stop and for peace talks to resolve the issues. As I previously noted, about Ramzan Kadyrov that they infantry Vladimir Putin, so we in the Urals - the scouts of Vladimir Putin. Today, the exploration completed our task," - said in an interview with the correspondent of the President of the Fund "Ural knight" Michael Kaigorodov.He also added that in the spring of this year, activists are planning another event in memory of those killed in the House of trade Unions in Odessa, on the anniversary of the tragedy.

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