Perm administration creates a financial "safety cushion"

Perm administration creates a financial Perm administration will reserve part of the budget funds to create a financial "safety cushion" correspondent .The Deputy head of administration of Perm Viktor Ageev commented on the rumors about a possible reduction of budget expenditures. According to him, the question is not about cuts, but about their reservation."In the beginning of the year Perm administration took a decision to reserve part of the city budget to create a financial "safety cushion". Such measures due to the need for savings in the budget due to the unstable situation in the national economy. So, in the 1st quarter of 2015 individual items of expenditure of the city budget will be funded in the amount of 95%. Reservation shall be made by a particular group of costs: the cost of municipal services. Thus the total volume of commitments is approximately 1% of the total expenditure of the city budget," - said in comments Ageeva, issued by the press service of the city administration.The Deputy chief of staff stressed that these funds are not deducted from expenditure: "we are not Talking about the sequester budget Perm, and the suspension of the actual use of the cost".

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