The cause of death of the deceased at the airport "Sheremetyevo" passenger from Chelyabinsk became alcoholic cardiomyopathy, experts say

The cause of death of the deceased at the airport The cause of death of the passenger from Chelyabinsk Artem Chichikov, who died at the airport "Sheremetyevo", became alcoholic cardiomyopathy. This conclusion was voiced by the experts at the meeting at the Kurchatov district court correspondent .As previously reported, on August 18 last year, the 24-year-old Artem Chichikov was flying with his wife from their honeymoon flight Barcelona-Chelyabinsk". On the plane he had a heart attack, located in the cabin doctors from Barrow Valery Lukyanov had Chichikov help. The decision was taken to an emergency landing in Moscow.According to the Sheremetyevo airport, where he was landing, the plane arrived, will be a special car to remove the victim from the aircraft and an ambulance with a medical team. Physicians more hours provided medical assistance, however, the passenger died.Relatives of the deceased do not agree with the position of physicians in the airport. According to them, the doctors on the spot was not, and when they arrived, it became clear that we needed to intensive care medical device discharged batteries. Relatives believe that Chichikov could be saved, but "red tape left no chances.".

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