Igor Strelkov: I don't believe in third Maidan

Igor Strelkov: I don't believe in third MaidanThe leader of the movement "new Russia" Igor Strelkov, answering a question at a press conference in Novosibirsk, said he did not believe in the possibility of the third Maidan in Kyiv.Igor Strelkov reminded that their eyes saw, as he passed the second, last year, the Maidan. At this time, according to him, he as a security officer of the founder of the investment Fund Marshall Capital Konstantin Malofeyev protect pilgrimage to Kiev. After the coup d'etat that occurred in Ukraine, who came to power by the junta, according to Strelkova, received only one function - the policies of the USA and all its leaders, including President Poroshenko, are "on the hook" from Washington."If Poroshenko itself will not fall off the hook, it will not be removed, and the junta will continue the war," says Shooters."Many of us believe Poroshenko partner. For example, his business partner Zurabov or marmots. But Poroshenko not a partner. He will obediently carry out its functions, as they will determine in Washington, but if he suddenly detaches itself, then it will certainly replace. But I don't believe in this development," says Shooters."I will give my personal opinion. Recognizing the legitimacy of elections junta in may, we made a mistake, now we have to disentangle. On the other hand, I want to say that even if annexed Donbass, they would have started the war," continues Shooters.To solve the situation with Ukraine, according to the former head of the defense Ministry DND, only winning the war."There's a war. It must be understood. Not winning the war, we can't rely even on something," says Shooters.With this victory, according to Strelkova, will not be considered as a situation when "the fascist junta will keep the power on the territory of Ukraine.

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