Kiev disrupted a meeting of the Contact group in Minsk - Putilin

Kiev disrupted a meeting of the Contact group in Minsk - PutilinKiev tore appointed at a meeting of the Contact group on the peaceful settlement in Minsk, said the official representative of the Donetsk national Republic, the Vice-speaker of the National Council Dennis Putilin, reports Donetsk news Agency."We did not wait for the representative of the Ukrainian side today and plan to leave Minsk," said Putilin. "We are always open for dialogue, but when it will take place, it is not clear, - said the representative of DND. We will wait for the invitation from the OSCE"."Now we can say that Kiev edogawaconan, because you can't control punitive battalions and stop the shelling of residential areas of the people's republics," he added Putilin."Unfortunately, did not wait for the Ukrainian side, Ukraine again deviates from the dialogue," he said. "The President is ready to come, when it will be agreed text of the Treaty. Ukraine is not going to align this text," - said the envoy LNR Vladislav Danego.In turn, the Ambassador DND Denis Putilin that as a result of the actions of the armed forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk national republics of the line of contact has changed significantly, reports TASS."As a result of the actions of our armed forces contact line has changed significantly," he said. Ready to talk about an immediate ceasefire on the actual line of contact, accordingly we are ready to talk about the withdrawal of heavy equipment".

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