In the Perm region are more likely to die from infarktom and drinking

In the Perm region are more likely to die from infarktom and drinkingBefore the all-Russia forum of the popular front for health, Perm held a visiting session of the Foundation for Health, which operates as a unit of the "front". Perm Krai was "bad" because of the increase in mortality from heart attacks and alcohol poisoning, correspondent .The main subject of discussion was the cause of the deterioration of a number of demographic and health indicators in the region. According to statistics, the birth rate in the region with a population of more than 2.6 million people in recent years, above the average for the Volga Federal district and the country as a whole. In 2014 he was 14.8 per 1,000 people (PFD - 13,4; RF - 13,3), in recent years the region has seen a natural increase of the population.Member of the Central headquarters of the popular front, the Director of the Foundation "Health" Eduard Gavrilov noted that although, in General, Perm region demonstrates positive demographic and health indicators, their components have anxious moments. In the structure of mortality in the first place - diseases of the circulatory system, followed by neoplasms and on the third, the so - called external causes of death, including alcohol poisoning."Although these three groups of causes of death and there has been some improvement, they already for a long time cause about 80% of all deaths in the Perm region. So, outwardly successful General statistics ought not to deceive anyone. The situation requires serious analysis and the elaboration of measures on how to fix it", - said Eduard Gavrilov.According to statistical data, the circulatory system diseases make a major contribution in the structure of mortality in the Perm region: 778 deaths per 100 thousand population (PFD - 736). In particular, in 2013, according to Rosstat, in the region recorded more than 336 cases of cerebral infarction on 100 thousand population, with a median of PFD - 254. Also in January - November 2014 compared with the same period of 2013 saw a sharp increase in mortality from diseases of the digestive system - 14% (77,0 to 87.8 cases per 100 thousand population), poisoning by alcohol - 13.5% (from 17.1% to 19.4 cases) and respiratory diseases - 2.6% (from 54.7 to 56.1 cases per 100 thousand population).Thus, according to the Foundation, in 2014, of the territorial MHI for the provision of certain types of high-tech medical care had not been spent 8 million rubles, which greatly reduced the possibility of helping these patients. "The money just "burned out", said Gavrilov.According to the Chairman of the Board of the public organization "Healthy generation", member of the regional headquarters of the popular front in the Perm region Alexandra Shaposhnikova, in the region need to create a culture of sobriety. Among the causes of death from cancer requiring rapid response, front highlighted the poor level of diagnosis in men prostate disease is 1.5 times below the average for the country.Participants also spoke about the problem of reducing the number of health workers in the region, this was reported by 36% of physicians who participated in the survey "veterans". 70% complained of low wages.

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