In Sevastopol will establish a monument to Prince Vladimir, the Baptizer of Rus

In Sevastopol will establish a monument to Prince Vladimir, the Baptizer of RusThe culmination of the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the death of Prince Vladimir, the Baptizer of Rus will be opening on July 28 of the monument on the place of his baptism in the Chersonese, a member of the territory of Sevastopol. According to TASS, this was reported today at a scientific conference, held at the Patriarchal Palace of the Moscow Kremlin in part XXIII of the Christmas readings. It is called "From Chersonesos font Prince Vladimir to Moscow Kremlin: Korsunsky shrines in the history and culture of Russia"."This conference is the first in a series of events dedicated to the memory of the Holy Apostle Rus Prince Vladimir. The culmination of the celebration will be the establishment of a new monument on the territory of ancient Chersonesos on July 28. Scientists for his research also closer to contemporaries the memory of the Holy Prince Vladimir. It is very important this year due to all the events which we are," he said at the conference, Deputy General Director of the Moscow Kremlin museums Andrei Batalov.Summer in Sevastopol on the territory of the Museum-reserve "Chersonese" will be held the international scientific conference "II St. Vladimir's readings" dedicated to the anniversary date. "At a conference in Hersonissos, which will take place from 24 to 29 July, invited scientists from leading research centers," said researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Belyaev, the head of the scientific section of the Christmas readings in the Moscow Kremlin.The celebration of the 1000-anniversary of the death of Prince Vladimir to be held in 2015 in Church-state level.The monument to Prince Vladimir is also scheduled to open in Moscow. In addition, in the capital will build the temple - a copy of the Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese.Prince Vladimir adopted Christianity in Chersonesos in 988, baptized Kiev with Greek priests on the banks of the Dnieper, thereby laying the Christian basis for the formation of the Russian state. People called him Vladimir the Red Sun. Metropolitan Hilarion of Kiev in the literary monument "sermon on law and grace" on the day of memory of Saint Vladimir in his crabs in the Tithe Church compares his message to the Russian land with the gospel of the Holy apostles. Prince Vladimir was canonized through 135 years after his death. The celebration it was established by Saint Alexander Nevsky after may 15, 1240 after the prayer of invocation of Saint Vladimir was won by the famous Nevsky's victory over the Swedes.

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