Who killed 30 Mariupol

Who killed 30 Mariupol"The civilized world community", as usual, rushed to conclusions, traditionally accused of a terrible tragedy militias. But, like the shells came from the West, i.e. from the centre, i.e. from the area controlled by the APU, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The school, which was considered shelling Mariupol, is on the East, and hit the "Grads" from a distance, missed a couple of kilometers, and to confess it and ashamed and scared.AWKWARD MOURNINGSaturday. The mourning. At the stop boss in Donetsk going locals. With the nails, candles, homemade posters "I am the boss", "I - Donetsk". January 22, here in the artillery fire from the North-West side were killed more than a dozen civilians. This conclusion was made by the Commission of the OSCE. To the North-West of the Leninsky district, where the tragedy occurred, is the village of Sands - there is stationed Ukrainian artillery. Kiev, before condemning the shelling of the "terrorists" after the report obsession depressed. And the mourning for the dead to declare did not. Too inconvenient tragedy to do it for the PR. You can pierce. In Donetsk, in principle, from the Ukrainian artillery fire people die every day, but for Ukraine and the West, these sacrifices are for some reason not so obvious. Well... as there are no obvious dispersed American drones to pieces wedding in Afghanistan or funeral in Iraq. Military error, nothing personal...I don't know what words to Express condolences to the family and friends of the victims. With them died a piece of us, " said Zakharchenko the funeral. I want to say only one thing - they kill us just because we wanted freedom. We are different from them - courage, pride, love of freedom. And I don't agree that we need to forgive the killers. Today began the attack on Mariupol, God willing, in a couple of days we will close Debaltseve boiler. And this will probably be the best memory of the victims, because we will avenge all.In the same moment a volley of rockets hit residential areas of the Eastern margin of Mariupol.Lethal charges carried apartments in the centre, break in the school yards, knocked out the glass in kindergartens... People were dying on the streets - the fragments are not analyzed on combatants and non-combatants.Under fire were ordinary passers-by, peaceful Mariupol.Black acrid smoke mixed with the powder Gary has not yet dissipated over the blocks, and in Kiev already found guilty in death, as it turned out, 30 people. "Terrorists" themselves admitted that went on the offensive in Mariupol. And it means that all the dogs on them. The SBU immediately found a pre-made video recording "Saparov", "technicians" battalion "Azov" is instantly examined with the camera phone, and the compass in the iPhone. Information support of tragedy in the West - traditionally one-sided. Poroshenko announces Sunday a day of mourning, his assistants print out a sheet of A4 with the inscription "I - Mariupol, Donetsk region in the Kiev special flight departs piece "the Russian rocket"...Bingo! Another bloody crime militant separatists revealed: "We need the help of NATO and preferably immediately. As well as loans for food and gas. Diplomatic Orgy on all levels, and the task is completed. And what it was? To stop the counterattack militia of course. So happened that as soon as the APU start to get one slap stronger than the other, immediately is something out of the ordinary. What makes take great of this world for the podium of the UN security Council and makes further military confrontation for some time inappropriate.No one city to storm isn't going to, - by the evening of Saturday says Zakharchenko. - We're not animals, as in Kiev. Until today we did not conduct active operations in Mariupol. But now, after Kiev decided to dump the responsibility for the erroneous fire their "Grade" of Berdyansk on the residential quarter for us, I gave the order to suppress the position of the Ukrainian troops, located to the East of Mariupol. Our position in Novoazovsk hours are subject to massive fire Grad rockets and heavy artillery. Today there appeared and armor 28th Ukrainian brigade. This is done so we moved to the direction Mariupol our units involved now on the defense Donetsk airport to weaken us and knock out.The VIDEOFrom Donetsk to Mariupol little more than an hour drive. And we with pleasure left everything, would be the site of the tragedy to make your own conclusions. Unfortunately, we, as a dozen of our colleagues, are in search lists SBU on suspicion of "terrorism". And a trip to Mariupol may end up with a trip to Kyiv with bags on their heads. But the age of information technology opens tremendous possibilities for the so-called "sofa intelligence", and not always its conclusions were incorrect. Rather the opposite. Any incident is fixed now tens of stationary cameras, automotive recorders and mobile phones. All this is available online and is without problems. Panoramas and interactive maps easily help "attached" to the terrain.

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