MUGISA: Work on the implementation of anti-crisis measures to support businesses to grow

MUGISA: Work on the implementation of anti-crisis measures to support businesses to growIn conditions of economic crisis, the question of state support of small and medium enterprises is essential.The President and the government of the Russian Federation has repeatedly stressed the need to support businesses to create a competitive, innovative economy.As described in the Department of information policy of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region, at the regional level in this area has adopted a number of documents related to the provision of state financial, material and other support to small and medium businesses, created the necessary infrastructure for stimulating entrepreneurial activity.One of the instruments of state support is the Sverdlovsk regional business incubator.The building, located in Ekaterinburg at street 40th anniversary of the Komsomol, the house 1, letter H, up to 2015 were in the economic management of the state unitary enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region "logistics Management and distribution of the Sverdlovsk region". However, after making changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation further operation of the building company has become impossible.In this regard, with the aim of preserving the building and prevent its conversion under other needs, MUGISA initiated the seizure of the building from the conduct of the enterprise. This initiative is primarily aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of the Sverdlovsk regional business incubator as part of the infrastructure support business entities. In 2014, the building of the business incubator enrolled in the provincial Treasury for subsequent transmission to the gratuitous use of the Sverdlovsk regional entrepreneurship support Fund for the performance of administrative functions of the business incubator.These measures will allow us to grow new business projects, create jobs, and through this to increase popolnyaet budget through taxes those entities.

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