UTair distributes debts: the carrier will pay the company Ugrave"

UTair distributes debts: the carrier will pay the company UgraveThe arbitration court of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug has ceased production on the claim of "Ugrave", which manages the airport Khanty-Mansiysk. The carrier will fully repay the loan correspondent ."Ugrave" went to court because of improper performance by the carrier contract maintenance of aircraft, signed in 2008, the Amount of the claim amounted to 31.7 million rublesIn this case, the contract number is not the first time appears in arbitration: this year "Ugrave" tried to recover from the "UTair" 44.6 million rubles for maintenance of aircraft and for helicopters.After preliminary court hearing, which was held in mid-December, the amount of the claim of "Ugrave" to "UTair" dropped to 7.7 million rubles, the plaintiff filed a motion for partial waiver of plaintiff's claim in the amount of 24 million rubles in connection with payment of duty by the defendant, and the termination of the proceedings in the specified part, says in court papers. Today, the carrier redeemed the remaining part of the debt, so the court ceased production.

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