The Sverdlovsk branch of the popular front and energy of "IDGC of Urals" agreed to cooperate in the framework of the project For fair procurement

The Sverdlovsk branch of the popular front and energy of In the framework of the project of the popular front For fair purchase the webinar was held on the characteristics of contracts in the electricity sector, with the participation of heads of JSC "rosseti". The seminar was also attended by experts, representatives of public organizations, small and medium businesses, activists of the popular front in the regions, journalists are only about 650 people.As reported in the press service of IDGC of Urals, in the Middle Urals group of companies JSC "rosseti presented energy JSC "IDGC of Urals", which in the framework of the webinar was also held a working meeting on issues of cooperation with the Russian popular front.In turn, General Director of JSC "rosseti" Oleg Budargin said that for a young company "rosseti" seeking to establish their work as efficiently as possible, very valuable invitation for cooperation made by the activists of the popular front.The head of "Rossita" stressed that the order in procurement is one of the important and major tasks facing the management of the company: "rosseti" commit about 50 thousand public procurement. On average in one purchase involves four provider. And among the winners, which in the end are contracts, 25% are small and medium businesses.Oleg Budargin also drew attention to the fact that in the new economic conditions and in connection with the problem of import substitution, you must make changes in the normative framework that regulates procurement activities. "Let's get together to discuss possible adjustments to the normative documentation," suggested the head of "Rossita".Anton Nelson was informed that this year the popular front will hold a forum "Goszakaz", which will be discussed measures more effective use of budgetary funds. "Playground project For fair procurement, and Playground all-Russia popular front, the public. We are ready to jointly make decisions, including those regarding changes to the current legislation, a concerted effort to solve the tasks set by the head of state," concluded Nelson.In the working meeting in the Middle Urals, JSC IDGC of Urals," agreed the most dense interacting with the Sverdlovsk regional branch of the popular front as the project For fair procurement and other initiatives of public organizations.

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