Gerasimov told about the development of precision weapons "global strike"

Gerasimov told about the development of precision weapons The chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces, army General Valery Gerasimov, speaking at the Board meeting of the military Department, announced the development of precision-guided weapons for a "global strike", reported the press service of the defense Ministry.He said that the development of the army is in new condition, characterized by the fact that to achieve their goals "Western countries are actively used new forms of warfare, combining both military and non-military means. While widely used methods of political, economic, and informational influence"."Effective parry emerging challenges and threats to the national security of the Russian Federation is possible only with the close cooperation of state authorities in the course of solving problems in the political, diplomatic, economic, military, informational, social and other spheres," said Gerasimov.Gerasimov said that taken by the RF Ministry of defense measures for the development of the Armed forces - strategic nuclear forces and General purpose forces will not allow the military superiority of the U.S. and NATO over Russia."The armed forces of Russia prioritizes the improvement of the quality status of strategic nuclear forces," said army General Valery Gerasimov."This year in the strategic Rocket forces planned to put on combat duty four missile regiment, equipped with modern missile systems. In the Navy to enter into the composition of constant readiness two missile submarine cruiser of strategic purpose "Vladimir Monomakh" and "Alexander Nevsky", in long-range aviation of the air force is to ensure the health of the fleet up to 80%. Only strategic nuclear forces planned to supply more than 50 Intercontinental ballistic missiles," he listed measures, the chief of the General staff.Among other priorities of the Ministry of defense for 2015, the chief of staff called "capacity building forces in the threatened areas", "primarily for reconnaissance, fire strike, command and control and weapons"."This approach is to maintain a strategic nuclear forces in a state of high combat readiness in combination with the qualitative growth of the combat potential of General purpose forces will prevent military superiority over our country", - said the chief of the General staff.Gerasimov noted that the defense Ministry is taking measures to improve the armed forces under conditions of active development of the USA and NATO new means of armed combat, able to quickly apply precision strikes on targets deep in the enemy territories".

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