Sverdlovsk investigators summarized the results of the past year

Sverdlovsk investigators summarized the results of the past yearIn Yekaterinburg today held a press conference with participation of the representatives of the Investigative Committee of Sverdlovsk region. The event was attended by the head of the Sverdlovsk oblast Valery splinters, and his Deputy Alexei Kolbasin and Alexey Nevad correspondent .According to Valery Zadorin, January 30, was summed up in 2014. Especially the head of the regional TFR stressed that his office working people up to 30 years, which is approximately half of the total composition. The main goal of the IC, according to Zadorin, criminal prosecution of persons who commit wrongful acts.In addition, he outlined the main categories of crimes. Crimes against life and health of citizens in 2014 amounted to 699 thousand Roughly the same dynamics is observed in the category of "most serious crimes", but in 2014 they were registered more than in 2013. Over the past year, the murder was 462 case. Slight growth was recorded in this area in comparison with 2013. In addition, there has been a significant surge against sexual freedom for women and girls."We have together with the interior Ministry and the FSB and the Federal drug control service and the administration to disclose and maintain a particularly important case. All efforts to solve the crime. So, against sexual freedom in the past year failed to disclose a 94.6% of cases," said splinters.In addition, the IC is engaged in corruption and tax spheres. Not so long ago the laws has carried them to the investigative jurisdiction of the SC. The experience was small, but progress is already on the face. In 2014 was initiated 44 criminal cases in these areas. Managed to reimburse the state of more than 200 million rublesSplinters stressed that the UK works closely with the regional tax Inspectorate. According to Zadorin, corruption is "gaining momentum" - more than 600 criminal cases over the past year was in production.Splinters noted that the most serious crimes committed against minors, as well as the minor is capable of serious crime."It causes pain, but it's good that the media in their materials reflect a clear position that we should fight with it", - said the head of the regional TFR.According to the head of Department, SC for the past year reviewed 61 thousand citizens."Of course, not all succeeded. There is also the unsolved case, but this is due to the cost of the examination. In addition, he noted that there were no violations of the quality of investigations. In 2014 in the UK was dismissed three heads, who could not cope with the work," said splinters.SK has worked intensively in 2014. We have an agreement with the Commissioner for human rights, with the Chamber and other agencies. When shortened the time of the investigation we try to work efficiently," said Alexey Nevad."The priority of our work is the detection, because each figure is worth a human life. We interact with colleagues from other agencies and much time is given to the interaction in the search units and similar structures. Especially for children.

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