Wife cuts, kids, mortgage, loans: remaining without work Permyakov moved into the tent under the window.

Wife cuts, kids, mortgage, loans: remaining without work Permyakov moved into the tent under the window.Reduction in the enterprises of the Perm region, which has been repeatedly reported , provoke them to desperate acts. The man left without work, is planning to move out of the house under the window, office of the Governor Viktor Basargin: it was reduced, the wife was sent on leave without pay in a family of three children and a mortgage, correspondent ."I will break down the tent and you will call," said the listener, call up the local radio station. The man promises to come to the Governor and tell him what he thinks about him, his subordinates, the Medvedev government and all those who now does not allow him to live a normal life". On the call told the journalist Roman Popov."Recently his wife was fired from "Kamkabel". Well, as fired, recovering my companion, sent without content, but because it is one and the same. In January she paid 1200 rubles. He was fired the other day. Where, say, very cautious. Something regional, health-related. Three children. Older twenty, the youngest of four, the average teenager. Loans, mortgages,...", - said Popov.The listener remembers the 2008 crisis: then banned to dismiss Putin banned."And now it is already not listening. Thousands of people, one way or another, find themselves on the street without money. Are they somewhere or not is not important. Money-it is still there. What to do in 42 years? Nobody takes it," he recounts the words of the decision.The presenter advised him to go to the labour exchange."Say, what to pitch a tent from the Governor to him, nobody will. He doesn't understand how it all happened, and I hear through the loud-demanding tone in her voice breaking with tears: "It was different, and now Obama, sanctions, Medvedev...," writes Popov.

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