The media found out the person abducted in Sudan officers of "UTair": one - Ugarchin, another St. Petersburg

The media found out the person abducted in Sudan officers of There are new details about the incident with the employees of "UTair".LifeNews has found out the identity of the Russians abducted in the village of Zalingei African Republic Sudan. The aircraft Sergey Cherepanov from the city birch Khanty-Mansiysk the Manager and translator Michael bitterly from St. Petersburg work in the airline "UTair". At the end of the 2014 men signed a three month contract with the UN mission and went on a mission in the Sudan.Until January 29, Cherepanov and bitterly regularly came in contact with relatives, but then disappeared. That day in aviators was a bad day and they went to the market for groceries. Men were alone, and driving their minivan driver of the local residents. On the way back the bus was blocked six cars. According to the source, the Russians captured seven armed thugs in masks and drove away in an unknown direction.Sergey Cherepanov this is the third official trip abroad: to Sudan were of the Congo and South Sudan. He is a very experienced technician, before retirement he remains just nine months. But his colleague Mikhail bitterly, on the contrary, very young. He recently graduated from the State University of civil aviation in St. Petersburg. For him this is the second trip to Africa: to this man spent three months in South Sudan.Relatives of the missing Russians appeal to the authorities of Russia and Sudan with a request to help free hostages.

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