Ukraine has blocked the gas Novoazovskiy district DND

Ukraine has blocked the gas Novoazovskiy district DNDIn Mariupol on the order of the SBU blocked the pipeline supplying gas Novoazovskiy district DND. This was announced by the assistant Deputy National Council DND Denis Putilina Alice He passes Donetsk news Agency."Two days ago on the gas station at the block-post "Eastern" away from Mariupol came several employees of the security service of Ukraine together with the representative of the gas service and blocked the flow of gas in Novoazovsk district DND. The employee GDS and took his mobile phone and it is strongly advised not to tell anyone about this," said assistant to the Deputy of the national Assembly, which visited today in Novoazovsk district on behalf of the Parliament of the Republic.According to He, to date, the gas in the area is completely blocked, the pressure is less than 10 units, and must be at least 20.5"."By tomorrow morning gas in the area will not do. Now starts off from blue fuel villages to the city itself Novoazovsk able to survive longer. But there will be gas, it will start to use electricity, which can cause and its shortage. 30-thousand area in less than a day may be left without gas, and then without light. Subsequently and without communication. There is only one operator Kyivstar. This statement is very bad battery in the towers. Half an hour and communication will not," added He.

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